Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Catch-up tv 23 November : Iris Mittenaere confides, Hanouna responds to the CSA, Castaldi confesses Tv Star

1. Iris Mittenaere trusts

there really Are a curse Miss France ? Difficult, indeed, to the beauty queens continue to live a love story that started before their coronation. the Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, knows something. During the press conference of the election of Miss France in 2017, which was held at TF1 on Wednesday 23 November, Lille 23-year-old left to go to some confidences about her relationship. Even if she had a wide smile, Iris Mittenaere admits that his history with Matthew is no longer good.

2. Cyril Hanouna responds to the CSA

Cyril Hanouna held to respond to the CSA’s threat to suspend the issue and defends his way of doing television. “It is not that bad things in Key not at my post, there are very few slip-ups in the show. It’s been seven years that the program exists, there have been three skid-reported to the CSA. However, we try to do a lot of things for people. It offers them lots of gifts, we try to do what we can and bring lots of happiness“, defended the facilitator.

3. Benjamin Castaldi tells of a time very annoying

chroniclers of TPMP have once again been invited by Cyril Hanouna to make confidences about their private life. After the broadcast of a story about a woman whose infidelity was discovered by her husband with a drone, they are entrusted on the times they themselves have been faced with adultery. This is the moment chosen by Benjamin Castaldi to reveal the time, or one of his wives understood that he was cheating on her. “I had two cell phones and she has found the other notebook, ” said Benjamin Castaldi. I received a text from a young woman, a message of love, and my wife has found.”

4. Cyril Lignac and Sophie Marceau have broken

Sophie Marceau and Cyril Lignac have broken. The actress and chef, who were in the household in the last ten months, have decided to separate permanently, according to information of the magazine Closer. The couple would have taken this decision for some time already. In fact, according to our confreres, Sophie Marceau would not have come to the bedside of Cyril Lignac who has been hospitalized at the Bichat hospital after a scooter accident occurred in the night from 19 to 20 November 2016. A few days ago, it is Cyril Lignac which was absent from the feast, scheduled and ultimately cancelled by Sophie Marceau, which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary on November 17, 2016.

5. Cyril Féraud would like to become a dad

Cyril Féraud, the leader to success of the game Slam on France 3 and presenter Age tendre, the tour of the idols produced by Christophe Dechavanne, which started on November 4, 2016, has spoken about his aspirations private. The youth leader with the 31-year-old has given a strong impetus of authorship, but also a concern that is personal to both of Us. Cyril Féraud : “My life is beautiful because I am a privileged. But I also understand that the world is cruel. I want to become a dad without a wait, I know that I will have to do everything to protect my child.”


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