Monday, November 21, 2016

Super Nanny : Sylvie Jenaly accused of ” violence education “, the CSA entered – Here

Super Nanny would put the child in danger ? It is in any case what is claimed by Bernadette Gauthier, therapist in an association of assistance for parenting. Concern for the rights of children that the show would “in demeaning situations ” as it was entrusted to the Paris, she has launched a petition she addressed to the president of the Republic and the superior Council of audiovisual (CSA) to require the shutdown of the program. After the death of Cathy Sarraï in 2010, the program is back on NT1 and TF1 with Sylvie Jenaly in the role of the governess. But for Bernadette Gauthier, it uses methods that it would banish him, such as ” draw the children by the arms, or even sometimes at the ri sk of uncoupled one-shoulder, isolate, even very young people, at risk of cause them psychological damage “. According to the author of the petition, that 2000 people have signed in three years, Sylvie Jenaly “threatens, humiliates, actually bend “the children and makes proof of the” violence educational “. Bernadette Gauthier accuses Super Nanny “ to impose hugs “and does not take into account the experience of the children :” In a recent episode, we saw a mother brushing the teeth of her 11-year old boy. Imagine the reactions at school, the gaze of the other, mocking.

This is where lies the heart of the criticisms of Bernadette Gauthier against the program : as minors, children are exposed to, with the permission of their parents, but they have not been able to give themselves “informed consent ” when they were filming in their intimacy. The therapist ensures that it “do not judge these parents in distress “it includes” they are afraid of social workers and prefer to call in the aid of a television program “. But according to her, ” this is the problem of the adults if they want to get in before, not that of the children “. On the side of TF1, no reaction. The string leaves the growers step up to defend the show. And Shine France does not want to budge : “Sylvie [Jenaly] is a great professional who, for nearly 20 years, advocates for the well-being of children, insists the production. She advocated education based on listening and learning through rules and a framework necessary for the children. “To Shine France, there are the results: 55 families have been helped and Super Nanny is” in touch ” with the latter. Bernadette Gauthier considers, however, that these arguments are biased : “of Course that with the parents, everything is going well, has let go of the therapist. Super Nanny takes up the case for them.

The petition will be reviewed next week by the CSA, which indicates that he will instruct the folder ” if children are put in a position of being mocked “. In which case, it’s Super Nanny herself will be pulling the ears.


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