Friday, November 11, 2016

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen defends Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who has opposed migrants and homeless in his JT – Europe1

This is one of the great tunes of the national Front : the French State would take care of the migrants, but délaisserait the homeless. The far-right party has even multiplied the posters in this meaning, explaining, counter-truths to support as demonstrated by Decoder World, a refugee has more advantage in France as an ordinary citizen.

What a party adverse to the reception of refugees argues against migrants and the homeless is not surprising. It is a little bit more, that is when a journalist does the same thing in the context of his work. And this is exactly what Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Thursday, November 10, in the middle of the JT of TF1, as noted by BuzzFeed.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut can, luckily for him, count on the support from Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. The elected representative of a party, often quick to denounce the journalists who demonstrate subjectivity, the member FN of the Vaucluse wrote Friday on Twitter :

Shame to all the soldiers of the politically correct that prey on Jean-Pierre Pernaut after he has (sic) dared to point a single highlight.

The elected FN is not the only political thought as well. Nadine Morano, for his part, retweeted messages supporting the journalist. Like what, the subjectivity in journalism is a concept that is very… subjective.

Thursday, between a story on the maraudes of the Red Cross for the HOMELESS and another on the opening of a reception centre for refugees in Paris, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has slipped this :

Here, more room for the homeless, but at the same time the migrant centres continue to open across France.

A comment that has sparked a outrage many people, anonymous or not, on social networks. The journalist has also received a lot of marks support on the part of persons approving of its message.


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