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ITélé : the strike to continue until Tuesday noon, the longest in the history of the audiovisual – The World

A meeting, Monday noon, between the government and the management of the Canal+ group seems to have been successful, as management has announced a great deal of progress, which give hope for an end to the crisis.

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Rally to support i-Tv, November 4.

oriente-t-we will be back to normal on i-Télé ? While the strike has been extended to Monday 14 November, marking the thirtieth day of mobilization of the employees, a meeting was held at noon between the ministers of labour and culture, and the direction of the Canal+ group, owner of i-Tv. the ” a Lot of advances have been made, leaving hope for a speedy end to the crisis in i-Tv “, reported Stéphane Roussel, director of operations of Vivendi, the parent company of the Canal+ group, at the end of the meeting with the two ministers.

The directorate met on Monday afternoon the Society of journalists (SDJ) and the trade unions of i-Télé, ” said Mr. Roussel. the ” We hope that this appointment will allow us to unlock this crisis “, for its part, said on France Inter Antoine Genton, president of the SDJ (société des journalistes) for i-Tele.

” We have discussed with the management for the past four weeks, the discussions that are long, and slow. We hope this appointment will speed things up. in Since the beginning of the conflict, one has the impression that these contacts are not common enough to hope for a speedy recovery from the crisis. “

At the end of this meeting, the leaders of the group Canal+ will present in the afternoon a new memorandum of agreement to the representatives of the employees of i-Tv. the ” there is a willingness of the management to get out of this conflict. It must now be acts “), underlined the minister of labour, Myriam El Khomri.

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The editors of i-Tv is on strike since 17 October, to protest against the arrival on the channel of the host Jean-Marc Morandini, put in examination at the end of the month of September ” corruption of minors “ and ” corruption of minors aggravated “.

To put pressure on the management, employees of i-Tv have renewed their strike Monday morning until Tuesday noon. Making the conflict the longest in the history of the audiovisual industry since 1968, in front of the one that had paralyzed Radio France in 2015. The extension of the strike has been approved by 84 % of the writing (87 in favour, 11 abstentions, 5 against), have announced the strikers.

Memorandum of agreement

Vivendi, the parent company of Canal+ and i-Télé, began to formalize a memorandum of agreement. It responds to a portion of the claims of journalists.

For Jean-Marc Morandini, the management believes that this is no longer the central point of blocking the eyes of the editors. She will not commit to deviate from the antenna, the facilitator charged with corruption of a minor, but does not provide on the screen just after the strike, as it had suggested in a press release that had angered the journalists. Very criticized, his daily broadcast of the end of the day on the media would not be left in the state. With a right for journalists not to work with Mr. Morandini, this “status quo” is likely to satisfy the strikers, it is thought to Vivendi.

  • End of the ” double cap “

The principle of the “double-hat” of Serge Nedjar, at the same time the director and editor in chief of i-Télé, will not be questioned by management. But this last promises to appoint before the end of November a number 2 (deputy director of the editor or editor-in-chief or the assistant director of the writing), from the team of i-Télé. It would replace in theory Alexandre Ifi, editor-in-chief, who has just announced his departure due to the evolution of the direction of i-Tele.

Finally, in addition to its insurance on the fact that i-Tv will remain ” a news channel “, the company has committed to quickly create a new ethics committee, and develop a new charter, as required by the law on the independence of the media, which has just been promulgated.

But the devil lies in the details, and these commitments are not sufficiently accurate or detailed to the eyes of the strikers, who were not ready Wednesday to give their consent in the state. Even if many know, or feel, that the term of their engagement approach.

Some have already left the ship. Vivendi had indicated, last week, that the conditions of departure, via the conscience clause, were ” increase “ by Canal+. This clause provides two months of salary per year of seniority, with a floor of at least six months of salary, but also a ceiling, the latter being disputed by the employee with the most seniority.

on Wednesday, Audrey Azoulay had called the direction of i-Tv to keep its ” commitment “ of editorial independence, while Myriam El Khomri had wanted to meet the management ” quickly as possible “ to find ” soon “ an end to the conflict.


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