Saturday, November 26, 2016

VIDEO – Robert Ménard left the plateau of Hi Earthlings, explanations – Télé 7 jours

It is the buzz of the day. It must be said that a preview had been aired on the networks, showing the departure during the emission Thierry Ardisson, Hi Earthlings, the mayor of Béziers, Robert Ménard. The politician, close to the National Front, and never far from scandal, had agreed to come back on the set of this show. In fact, last June, when he was already among the guests, he had reacted to the arrests of Tom Villa – who officiated in the role of “trainee” – a joke referring to his wife. It is with a scathing “I think it’s pretty shabby” that the politician, former head of Reporters without borders, had entered into the sequence.

A previous incident

Recorded on Thursday 24 November, Robert Ménard is also presented on the plateau of Thierry Ardisson for the promotion of his latest book. Its closed figure does not really show the best of spirits to joke.

The tension rises a notch when the broadcast starts with the little valves Tom Villa, now become the “CSD” of the show. The comedian has fun in this sequence to tease the guests. When it presents Faustine Bollaert also in the show, and he talks about his broadcast on 6ter, immediate Departure, he throws a “you Calm down Robert, it is too early”. A note very unpopular obviously. When it comes to the turn of Robert Ménard, Tom Villa made reference to the incident of last June, before the policy clearly pissed off.

But the sentence seems it has soured the situation, this is when the CDD said, “I assure you, if the migrants arrive in Béziers, is that to pass, they are not cons. You to leave Mosul to Béziers”. Thierry Ardisson doing so, it noted that it is the “process of [the] offence”. The mayor then proposes to the comedian to come to Béziers on this, he responds that he “does not have all of its vaccinations”. Following an interpellation by the mayor, who defends his people “we must not be careless with the people”.

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Tom Villa then connects with a small letter of apology that he had prepared “in the interests of reconciliation”. But of course, it adds a layer and with a set of rhymes, it implies that Béziers is a town of “m*****”then he made an analogy with Adolf Hitler’s… A point, (Godwin?) that makes it out of its hinges the elected official who decides to leave the plateau to the sound of a “you’re going to make you cum”. We can then see Thierry Ardisson running after his guest to try to calm the game. Etonnemment -the show has been recorded, one sees a musical interlude based on this incident of tea.

Robert Ménard will not come back. With humour, the facilitator asks his accomplice Baffie Laurent to take his place.

The Response on Twitter of Robert Ménard

But the matter does not end, because on Twitter, Robert Ménard has disseminated the message that he has left Thierry Ardisson on his e-mail. For him, the politician is “a big head of con”…

One might wonder if Robert Ménard would not have taken example on Jean-Frédéric Fish to make a “buzz cheap” when the candidate in the first round of the primary of The Republicans has left the tray of Night 3. He didn’t seem to want to have fun in this entertaining, that remains Salvation to Earthlings. The production, glad the incident was able to put in scene and to disseminate extensively the sequence of the starting to boost the hearings – which are already good!


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