Sunday, November 27, 2016

Caroline Receveur (DALS7) couple with M Pokora ? Ayem is a sub-course in live –

It was the big rumor of the moment. According to many, Caroline Receiver and Dancing with the Stars 7 would be in a relationship with the singer Matt Pokora. It is the columnist for the Mad Mag, Aurélie Van Daelen, who started the noise of the hallway. If it was for the moment hardly believe it, it must be confessed, the translator of “dancing” and the former candidate for reality tv would go very well together. But a few days ago, Caroline Receveur has responded for the first time to the rumour that puts in a relationship with Matt Pokora. But this is not all. Always on the set of Mad Mag, Ayem Nour made a big mention of this new “couple”

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Ayem like the under-heard

“We had aperitifs (after the shooting of Hollywood Girls, editor’s Note), she was always the first with his darling Valentine’s day. Now, she go out with Matt Pokora”, was let go Ayem Nour on the plateau of Mad Mag on Tuesday. We don’t know if this sentence translates to a certainty on the part of the beautiful brunette. Maybe Aurélie, his chronicler, he is said to be more behind the scenes. Ayem may also have had its own information through its contacts. In any case, this small hint will still get swollen, the rumour. But this is not the only thing that threw Ayem on Caroline. In fact, Ayem has ratted on the behavior of Caroline Receveur (DALS7), character and capricious ? What do you think of this hint ?


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