Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cyril Hanouna is estimated that the reaction of the CSA against TPMP is a “very good news” [Video] – Télé Star

In the TPMP broadcast on C8 on November 23, 2016, Cyril Hanouna has caused the surprise by explaining that he was pleased to be interviewed by a reporter at the request of the CSA, the member of the audiovisual sector.

The CSA, the constable of the audiovisual industry, has announced sanctions against C8 after numerous complaints from viewers of Key not at my post. The announcement of these sanctions (warnings, formal notice and hearing to C8) on the 23rd of November 2016 has been… very well received by Cyril Hanouna. The boss of TPMP is indeed bliss, in the show aired on the same day, including the appointment of an independent reporter on the cruel hidden camera that he had to live with Matthew Delormeau. Cyril Hanouna launches : “This is a very good new [...] because this is exactly what we wanted !

Far away to shout to the plot, Cyril Hanouna welcomes, on the contrary, to be able to give his version of the facts. “We will be able to go and explain [...] on the various sequences of Key, not to my post. All goes well [...] We are going to be auditioned with Matthew, me, all of that is to say [...] what happened and how we experienced things. [...] It is very good that the CSA has done that for more information on the case.

Cyril Hanouna have also made it a duty to recall that this hearing does not automatically imply a penalty (suspension of issuance, in particular). Cyril Hanouna : “We will tell you the sanctions that have been taken… or not because they can not take the punishment.” A decision that will not necessarily very quickly. “it’s going to take months. [...] thank you in any case you should be worried to not Touch my position [...] we are going to continue to have fun and do the show you like without taking the head. Do not worry.” ad Cyril Hanouna. The boss of TPMP concedes, however, that “Obviously, we are live so there will always be a few slip-ups, but it will remain a program family as you like.


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