Winshluss November 30, 2016 at the salon du Livre jeunesse de Montreuil – S. LEBLANC / 20MINUTES

The deal, it was ” In the dark and mysterious forest that ends well “, warns straight away Winshluss. The whim of editor youth ? “No, it’s my son who asked me to, because the books he reads at his age (7 years) always ends well. “Winshluss, who has just won the gold Nugget 2016 the youth book exhibition in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) the concedes willingly :” In general, my books always end badly. “We remember Pinocchio (Hammerhead Sharks), best album in the Angoulême Festival 2009, which remains as one of the great masterpieces of the French COMICS of recent years…

In the present case, we are dealing with a little guy with glasses and curious of everything, stuck between a big brother ado “completely stupid” and a little sister who is ” a baby “. Called urgently to the bedside of his Grandma, his parents and three of their children go to emergency, but forget Angelo on an area highway.

listening only to his courage, the young boy who sees himself as “a scientist and an adventurer decides to cut through the woods as the night falls and loses itself in the famous” dark and mysterious forest ” in the title, where it follows a firefly in the obese, falls on an ant hill hostile, encounters a squirrel who is taken for a bird, an ogre inconvenient and a strange giant creature that is “Goouh” and will save her life (and that of Mem-by the same occasion). A story COMIC, funny, optimistic, rich in story and plot twists… well worth its price.

” I’m a little taken aback, conceded there. Because this is my first foray into the COMIC book youth. I am not a specialist. I thought I would attend the awards ceremony and then leave immediately to go to work. “But he could not, snapped up by the press and the public, eager for him to dare a thousand and one questions. On his album, a great success.

And on his inspiration. “I had the draft of a book highly referenced,” he says, drawing on tales such as snow White or blue Beard, at least the memories failing that I have, but also in the golem and, because I love Miyazaki, in the spirit of the forest such as we find in My Neighbor Totoro. “

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This Nugget of gold that Winshluss had not expected to win, ” it is the supreme reward of a track record thoroughly overhauled “, says Sylvie Vassallo, director of Salon. Farewell, the prizes that will be awarded by categories of books (album, COMIC, book, disc…), welcome to the awards by age groups (small, medium, large), any format confused… And at this little game, the jury, chaired by Véronique Ovaldé has crowned the albumBjörn, six stories of bears Delphine Perret (The red Ants) as the Nugget of the Small ; the book-to-disk Georgia : all my dreams sing Timothée de Fombelle and Benjamin chaud (Gallimard Jeunesse) as the Nugget of Means and the COMIC Totem of Nicolas Wouters and Mikaël Ross (Blowpipe) as the Nugget of Great.

The price doubled by a jury of readers of France Télévisions (historical partner of the show) that have rewarded the album The Factor of space of Guillaume Perreault (Watermelon) for the small, the novel Saving & Son t. 1 Marie-Aude Murail (Ecole des loisirs) for large and, again, evidence that this BD was unanimously, the In the dark and mysterious forest of Winshluss (Gallimard BD) for the means.

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