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Koh-Lanta, The island treasure : Julie and Jeremy eliminated, the tensions in the camp – Pure People

Benedict (the first finalist of the show after they found the famous golden ring) and the ex-red, who were outnumbered at the time of reunification, have managed to reverse the trend in recent weeks by eliminating ex-yellow, in Koh-Lanta, The island treasure. Freddy and Ludivine were so concerned at the result of the elimination of Yannick. All the more that Jesta and Jeremy have joined the cause of the red.

Tensions at the camp

on The 31st day of adventure, the mood of the nine adventurers was morose. The monsoon is installed over their island, what the destabilize and affect their mental. Only Benedict seemed not to suffer from the situation : “It makes me happy that there are conditions like these because we came here to suffer. We begin to see who is mentally stronger.” however, He acknowledged that their adventure would become complicated, especially as the food was very rare.

The rivalries were therefore more topical than ever. Jeremy and Freddy have admitted they cannot bear. The first thought that the “driver” of the bus had changed since the reunification and the second as the beautiful brown had betrayed the ex-yellow closer to the ex-red and that it was not a big deal in the camp.

test weight

It is in this crazy atmosphere that the Survivor went to the test of comfort. In order to be able to spend a night in a good bed, enjoy a hearty meal, chicken and a swimming pool, Julie and the others had to tackle the famous course in three steps. In a first step, all had to overcome obstacles in carrying a bag of 7 kilos for men and 4 kilos for women. Only the first seven could qualify for the second round. The two eliminated were asked to return their bag to the adventurer of their choice. And, to qualify for the third round, he had to be part of the first four candidates.

in view of the difficult living conditions on the camp, all of which are given at the bottom in order to win the reward. But it was not enough for Jesta and Julie who were not as fast as Benedict, Jeremy, Candice, Freddy, Ludivine, Stéphane and Bruno. Young women are therefore respectively given their bag to stephen and Jeremy before the second round begins.

A second round for which you are qualified, Benoît, Stéphane, Freddy and Ludivine. Jeremy, very wound of having lost, has made the decision to give her two bags of 11 pounds to his rival Freddy, just like Bruno (which was 25 pounds in all), Candice his bag of 4 pounds Ludivine (8 pounds total) and the boyfriend of Jesta still had his one and only bag of 7 pounds.

was missing more than a step or only the fastest qualify. Handicapped by his heavy load, Freddy was at the end of the race, while Benedict was in the lead, closely followed by Stéphane. Ultimately it is Benedict who has won the event. Denis Brogniart has announced that he could either deprive himself of the reward for the benefit of all others, or enjoy it alone. And it is for the second solution he has chosen. “I hope my classmates will understand (…). It may seem selfish, but I need it“, he confided. After which, he has discovered the sumptuous place in which he was able to take it easy. On the menu : vegetables as appetizers, spaghetti and a whole chicken in the dish as well as a good chocolate cake for dessert. Bon appetite !

Jeremy in the heart of the tensions

During this time, Freddy had a hard time digesting the fact that Jeremy had given him the most weight, while he was defending in the beginning of the adventure. Fortunately, he was able to comfort himself, like his comrades, thanks to the fruit found in their return to the camp. After that, the adventurers went in search of wood to fuel the fire.

The opportunity for Freddy and Jeremy to once again launch spikes, which put the latter in a bad mood. Therefore, it has not hesitated to take to the binomial Jesta when she asked him… if he had finished preparing his coconut. “When she asked me six times in a row, where is the coconut because it has opened its first coconut at the end of thirty days… It has a behavior that is increasingly bitter and aggressive and it is true that it is more tiring in the long term. It was beautiful to be my buddy for thirty days, that thirty days as I the tape. So after a time, it infuriates me“, he confided after a quarrel with the young woman.

And Jeremy was not finished to be controversial. In fact, many are the adventurers be accused of not taking care of the fire during the night, contrary to the other. As if that wasn’t enough, the Survivor realized that it was almost more rice.

elimination of shock

As a misfortune never comes alone, Jesta and the other participants have received a summons for a new trial. On arrival, Denis Brogniart told them that he was not an immunity challenge, but direct elimination. In fact, the candidate who finished last proof of address had to leave the adventure. The purpose of this ? Climb on an unstable platform located in the middle of the sea, retrieve the apple of tow line that was on it, and use it to aim at the three buoys which were placed in front of them (knowing that the nearest was about 4 meters and the most distant of 6 meters). A hardship that was not part of Benedict since he was already assured to go in the final.

All were determined not to lose their place in the adventure. After struggling to fit on the platform, the adventurers have attacked the buoys. Bruno was the first to recover, followed by Jeremy and Bruno. Only Julie was in trouble and took a while to recover her the first buoy.

Stéphane was the first to qualify. Followed by Jeremy, Bruno, Freddy, Jesta and Candice. Only Ludivine and Julie were missing. Despite its big delay, this last did not let go of the piece. Regrettably, this has not been sufficient, it was therefore eliminated, but she kept the smile in spite of everything. Jesta on his side has not hidden his emotion and could not stop the praise about his former partner, to the point of making him cry. Without surprise, it is song (with I have not forgotten you, Céline Dion) that Julie has left his comrades, before you reach the final jury.

council unexpected

once back on the camp, Candice, Benedict and others have regretted the departure of Julie and reminisced on their best moments with the young woman. Only Jeremy did not take part in this little meeting. Concerned, Benedict has, therefore, joined to find out if something was wrong. During this time, the other participants were commenting to Jesta that they preferred when she was not with Jeremy that they have never ceased to criticize. It was, therefore, clearly in danger for the next elimination and had to ensure during the immunity challenge, like Freddy, who was also on the harness.

This week, the mind was important. Each one fitted with a trapeze they had put in their back, they had intended to take the longest possible time looked in front, on a small board. At regular intervals, the rope stretched out. The more time that passed, the more it was, therefore, difficult to hold. Ludivine, Freddy and Jesta are the first to be let go.

Bruno, Jeremy, rick and Candice followed. Stéphane is therefore the one who won the totem immunity this week. And surprise, the council has not taken place once the night fell this time, but directly after the test. After you have voted, Freddy has once again accused Jeremy of being away.

With four votes against him, it is Jeremy who has been eliminated from the competition. The ex-reds are once again in numerical superiority (four against three).


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