Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tanguy Pastureau : Miss France, supply chain excellence –

This is the election that everyone is waiting for, is launched. In three weeks, finally, it is the election of Miss France : our only chance is to us, the guys, to see the girls in swimsuit in December outside of the municipal swimming pool, this place is atrocious where people will drain into the water.

Miss are the parties this week to have a rest at the Meeting, even before they have worked, they have the same pace as a relookeuse who would be in charge of Noël Mamère, and do not take sea baths in order to avoid shark attacks, since the December 17, it is necessary that there is a 60 arm, 60 legs and 12 brains for a total of 30 Miss. There, of course, I don’t care, because I am a moron, jealous of the diaphanous beauty of our queens exquisite. However, the time in which the Miss were of the nozzles just right to make it ooze three screen of blue-pleus in the fairs in the pudding is gone. Since Friday, Sylvie Tellier, the leader maxima of the parade in a bikini, the Fidel Castro of laser hair removal, has passed it on to his daughters a test of general culture.

40 questions were asked, a test to pass away a footeux. Math : “Find the value of X in X = square root of 36″, I answered 15 so I won’t be you r Miss Brittany. Policy : “When will be held the presidential election ?”, to know this you must call Demeco and ask for the date where Holland has booked the truck. Geo : “What is the capital of Sweden ?”. In short, The Miss are so beautiful and intelligent. They have it all. This is nerve-wracking.

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