Saturday, November 12, 2016

The people of Montreal will pay tribute to Leonard Cohen – Europe1


All of Canada is crying for two days the death of Leonard Cohen, a canadian legend of music, who died at the age of 82. “You will be missed”, said yesterday the prime minister Justin Trudeau. In Montreal, where is born the singer with the hoarse voice, in 1934, the mayor has put all the flags at half-mast.

“A unique world”. In a small café in the heart of Montreal, we put Leonard Cohen in the background. A logical choice for Charlie, the waitress : “He is a great artist that we lose. It is important to pay tribute to him and to share with the world his musical quality and his unique universe”. The canadian singer to the voice that has touched the hearts and souls of so many generations, has rocked the childhood of the young woman but also that of customers of the coffee older. “Leonard Cohen is someone special for me. It’s like someone of my family would speak a different language. I believe that this is the first English-speaking of my life,” testifies a woman, moved.

Singer, poet, writer. A little later, in front of the small house of Leonard Cohen, they are many, since the announcement of his death, to drop off a candle, a flower, a small word. There’s even a felt hat, his distinctive sign on the stage, and a banner “Hallelujah”, the title of one of his most famous songs.

Sometimes, it sings, too, as Erica Pomerance, a neighbor and long time friend of the gentleman in canada. “His work is very striking because it was not only the songs but also the novels that he has written”, she says. In fact, the singer 14 albums) was a great poet who has published collections and novels.

Tribute to Leonard Cohen

many Montrealers gathered in front of the house to Leonard Cohen to pay tribute to him. © MARC BRAIBANT / AFP

Buried at Montreal. Leonard Cohen has not ceased to be in the hearts of Canadians, again this year, with his latest album, released on October 21. Even if he no longer lived in Montreal, it was here that he came to be buried Thursday, in our sole discretion.


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