During a demonstration of support in front of iTélé at Boulogne, on 28 October 2016. – ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

The strike has ended, but the future looks difficult for iTélé, which is expected to lose nearly 70 journalists in the wake of the long strike that has paralyzed the nonstop news channel of the Canal+ group for a period of 31 days.

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The presenters of the morning at the weekend, Sonia Chironi and Adrien Terminal, the manager of the Web Elodie Safaris, journalists Clément Méric and François Pinet in particular have announced their departure in recent days. To date, 25 out of 120 journalists of the editorial have already signed up to the contractual termination of their contract with the direction of the chain, the others are negotiating their departure.

” there has been a snowball effect, ” says an employee under the guise of anonymity. “Those who were not from see a drafting decimated and tell themselves that they will not be able to continue,” she assured. No replacement has yet been hired because the ruptures of the treaty provide for a withdrawal period of 15 days, according to this source.

Since the takeover of the antenna on 20 November, iTélé presents a schedule of programs lean, with programming from 6h to 10h and from 18h to midnight, and reruns of stories the rest of the time.

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The host of the controversial Jean-Marc Morandini, the strikers demanded the indentation, should turn the pilot numbers of its new issuance in the next few days, according to a source close to the direction of the chain. But his return to the antenna is not expected before the arrival of CNews, the new name that should take the string in the next few weeks.

The string of info would be found almost without guidance, with the planned departure of six editors-in-chief and two chiefs of service. Many “faces” of iTélé had already announced their departure of the chain, as the political journalist Jean-Jérôme Bertolus or presenters Mickaël Darmon and Amandine Bégot, part for LCI.

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