Tuesday, November 22, 2016

VIDEOS. Usa : Kanye West, the husband of Kim Kardashian, hospitalized in psychiatry – The Parisian

Rien ne va plus ” for the american rapper Kanye West, who was hospitalized Monday “in an emergency” after the announcement of the cancellation of the 21 concerts of her tour in North America. This hospitalization came two days after a new rant from the singer directed in particular against the pop star Beyoncé.

Kanye West, 39 years old, is hospitalized in a clinic in Los Angeles, rumors of the website specialized in celebrities TMZ, announcing that he was being treated in psychiatry after being admitted for “exhaustion”.

Mike Lopez, a spokesman for the Los Angeles police department, indicates that the police responded in the early afternoon “a call for disturbing the public order” to an address known to be the property of the singer. “The disorder has become a medical emergency leading to the intervention of the fire brigade on an individual,” said Mike Lopez, without mentioning the name of Kanye West.

The representatives of the rapper, and many times crowned at the Grammy Awards, and married with the star of reality tv Kim Kardashian, have made no comment. The “Saint Pablo” Tour was supposed to last until December 31, but a spokesperson for the promoter Live Nation had indicated that the rest of the tour was cancelled and that ticket holders had been contacted in order to be reimbursed. Since August, the rapper had given about 40 concerts in the United States and Canada.

The singer is exhausted

TMZ points out, referring to an unidentified source, that Kanye West had cut short his tour because of exhaustion. This halt occurs after the cancellation at the last minute a concert planned Sunday. This concert had to be a catch-up for a performance that he had interrupted on November 3, because, officially, of voice problems. The mercurial singer was to occur again at the Forum in Inglewood, suburb of Los Angeles, but the organisers have tweeted three hours before the show it was cancelled. Tickets will be refunded.

Kanye West had stunned her audience Saturday night at a concert in Sacramento where he had sung three songs before launching into one of his famous speech lunar and disjointed, according to videos posted on the social networks. All this after arriving an hour and a half late.

The rapper said he felt “hurt” because Beyoncé would have said that he did not want to participate in a ceremony, apparently the Grammy Awards, unless she was confident of winning the prize for best video of the year. “I was sent here to give you my truth, even if it is to take a risk for my life, even if it is a risk to my success, my own career,” was so said Kanye West. “Jay-Z, calls me my brother, thou hast still not called… Jay Z, I know you killers, please do not send them to have my head. Call me, talk to me like a man”, he added speaking of the husband of Beyoncé.

VIDEO. Kanye West announced on stage his support to Trump and boo (Hollywood Life)

Kanye West would have voted for Donald Trump

He is also the co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, criticizing him for not having given him $ 53 million, which would have enabled him to cover his debts. After a few remarks on the press, the singer threw the microphone and left the stage. Visibly angry, the audience began to chant “Kanye, you are boring”.

VIDEO. Kanye West loses the pedals, and the announcement that he slipped a ballot for the republican Donald Trump (USA Today)

He had already shocked a few days ago during a previous concert in San Jose, explaining that he had not gone to vote in the recent elections, but that if he had moved he would have slipped into the ballot box a ballot for the republican Donald Trump. Kanye West had yet participated during the election campaign to several events in support of the democratic party, with Hillary Clinton with Beyoncé and Jay Z.

According to Kanye West, the presidency by Donald Trump could do to change things, by exposing the racist ideas for the big day. “If people are racist, and are more inspired to say what they feel, then they reveal themselves”, had developed the rapper black.


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