Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Van Gogh : 65 drawings published without the endorsement of the Amsterdam museum, Le Figaro

VIDEO – The parisian house participates in a global release of a book of views of Arles and Saint-Rémy-en-Provence. It supports investigation to support that these landscapes are to the painter’s cursed. What challenges the institution is a Dutch authority in the matter.

the publisher of The Threshold announcement for the November 17, the publication of 65 large drawings, unsigned, Van Gogh, the period of provence. They are presented like the pages of an old book of accounts of the Café de la gare, hotel arlesian immortalized by Van Gogh and Gauguin.

This would be preparatory sketches to masterpieces such as Branches of almond tree in bloom or Iris, a Dutch cursed. But as first drafts freehand paintings ever undertaken, or missing, in particular the views of around of Saint-Rémy-en-Provence, where Van Gogh was treated for his hallucinations. In the still of the landscapes finished in large format, representations of the famous Yellow House of Arles (three), of the asylum of Saint-Rémy (three), boats at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (for two), large pine trees vibrating, cypress whirling, suns incandescent quasi octagonal, sunflowers blazing, olive trees-twisted, skies hallucinatory, reminiscent of brabant in a provencal setting. And finally, ten portraits, including a self-portrait (face to face with the famous straw hat), and even an effigy of the enemy brother Gauguin.

This discovery after more than 120 years of oblivion,” according to the author of their discovery, the art expert Franck Baille is confirmed by two art historians deemed to be a Canadian Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov, who will be guest curator for the exhibition at the Musée d’orsay on the mystical landscapes of Van Gogh, Emily Carr, scheduled from 14 march to 25 June 2017; and Ronald Pickvance great specialist of the period provencal of the artist.

The Van Gogh Museum, the authority in the matter, Teio Meedendorp and Louis van Tilborgh feel that these 65 designs are all imitations. “There are mistakes in topographic striking. In addition, there is no evolution between Arles and Saint-Rémy. It is monotonous, clumsy and without spirit.”

The fog of Arles. Book found, facsimile with commentary by Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov, Threshold, 288 p. 69 €.


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