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Case Fiona : a delusion of paranormal activity to the bar – Le Figaro

on Wednesday, a “medium and radiesthésiste” testified before the court of assizes of the Puy-de-Dome, for a good half-day, to discuss his visions of the afterlife, on the fate of the little girl disappeared.

special Envoy to Riom

Should we talk about the deposition “Julietta T., 47 years old, counselor of life” before the foundation of the Puy-de-Dome, the trial for fatal beating of the mother and the father-in-law of Fiona? He would have to give it up. Except that Julietta T. has lost a good half-day at the court, of the precious hours that should be devoted to the last moments of the little girl, who died in may 2013. And regardless of whether the witness will be passed out at the bar: the problem is that this witness-there should never have been invited behind the microphone.

The president Dominique Brault is the first responsible of this farce. Certainly, it is the advocate of an association as a civil party, ms. Marie Grimaud, yet remarkable on Monday and Tuesday, who informed him on Wednesday morning, having received in the night of the “information” on the place where Fiona could have been buried, in the form of SMS with photographs. A quasi-routine of meetings, in any case for this type of case the victim is a child and whose body, moreover, has never been found, and this gives all sorts of mads want to help the police. To Me, Grimaud is a bit of a novice? The president is it naive to this point?

“little Fiona contacted me at the beginning of the matter”

The latter has found it useful to use its discretion for that, in any case stopped, Mrs. T. is driving in front of him. So here, at 17h25. Petite, wearing a jean and a leather jacket shredded, long hair, black and air fierce, she says: “I am a medium and radiesthésiste. The small Fiona contacted me at the beginning of the case. She told me that it was a story of drugs, that she had touched and made to fall, and that they had struck. They were buried in the night from Saturday to Sunday. She told me about the places, by giving me clues. I’ve been researching. I went to [place] with my husband, my children and the dog, I saw all the clues.”

In principle, the bad joke should stop there. But no: the president Brault has any questions for Julietta T., the medium who communicates with Fiona. He asks a few, perfectly inept. Even should they not, what credence could we give to the answers?

The most serious is that the president leads Julietta T. in tell that it had been, at the time, interviewed by the SRPJ – to which nothing can be alleged, because the police could not afford to miss the slightest chance to find the body of Fiona. His name is therefore included in the procedure: why was it necessary that she come and ransack the hearing, after having polluted the investigation? Ms. T. explained, benoîtement, as a result of this initial statement, she had received the beyond other information. She had therefore reminded the SRPJ to make him enjoy his new lights. “They told me to stop making ch…”, laments the medium.

The president, puzzled: “Why did they do that?”

witness: “I don’t know”.

Me Grimaud, who are forced to save as much as possible its own credit, shouts at Julietta T. “You have to lose several hours at the criminal court, you hinder justice!”. The fault in that? The advocate general then launches into one of these amphigouris which it is customary, from which it is clear (apparently) that he doesn’t know, point blank, if it is necessary to continue this witness. But of what head? Julietta T. in good faith, it has no intention to mislead the justice, it is one of those ball court that we meet in all the procedures publicized, and it is the president who made it come. While he was talking, the magistrate notes that the indicator will become dim. In fact, while the president decides that it is appropriate to enact his delusion, paranormal, Julietta T. fails and collapses, in a great roar. The firefighters come running in for the revive.

In the absence of a corpse, everything is allowed

If you are talking about Julietta T., we need to mention the hearing of the morning. The court began to look under what conditions was dead, Fiona. And when: according to the accused, she died in the night of 11 to 12 may 2013. But it is clear from the survey that only a witness would have seen alive on Friday 10, the last image of it dating back to the Tuesday previous. The president tries to explore the fog of a narcotic which is part of the box. He reviews the marks of blows found on Fiona on Tuesday, may 7: the little girl had gone to school decked out with a wide band of yellow, to conceal, in addition to a layer of foundation, a bruise on the left temple. Cécile Bud and Berkane Makhlouf, ex-drug addicts with drugs, oscillate between the amnesia selective and mutual accusations. He said that he saw hit his daughter once. She alleged that he beat her regularly since mid-April, without being able to say why. He denies: “Fiona, it was an angel”. She repeats, like a mantra: “I was a bad mom, I have not been able to protect my children.” The defence prepares the minds of his scenario: Fiona would have succumbed to an accidental ingestion of a drug or drugs – there was a full house – and the accused would not have eventually committed a crime by concealing this reality. In the absence of a corpse, everything is permitted. The president, himself, seems to be exceeded by this file.

there Was a time when the court viewed the images of the video surveillance of the store C&A of Clermont-Ferrand. We are the Wednesday, may 8, 2013, it is 16h04. Fiona anorak grey, the front has put on this headband villain, adjusted by his mother, walking behind her family. The little girl being abused no longer has much time to live. Fiona, where she is, don’t talk to the fools ; this image of her, frozen, requires living a trial of another outfit than the one that opened on Monday in Riom.


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