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Cyril Lignac knocked down a scooter in Paris –

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Cyril Lignac knocked down a scooter in Paris

Cyril Lignac knocked down a scooter in Paris

Cyril Lignac, chef and television host, has been the victim of a scooter accident in the night from Saturday to yesterday in Paris. An accident that occurred only a few hours after the opening of its new parisian restaurant, “Le bar des prés”, in the 6th district, where many celebrities had made the trip for the occasion.

as he headed toward the Eiffel Tower on his two-wheels, Cyril Lignac would have been struck by a car at 2: 30 in the morning yesterday. More specifically, at the intersection of the quai d’orsay and the pont des Invalides in the 7th arrondissement. It would not have been able to avoid this car that he would have toasted the priority.

in Accordance with the regulations, Cyril Lignac has been subjected, just as the motorist who was overthrown, to a blood-alcohol concentration test. That is for the driver of the car or for the host star of M6, the tests proved negative.

Its days are not in danger

The survey, conducted by the service of the treatment of judicial accidents (STJA) will reveal soon the causes that led to this accident.

The chief the most famous of the PAF has been taken care of immediately by the firemen of the barracks of the nearest, which led him to the Bichat hospital. The first examinations of the past, the verdict is in : its days are not in danger. However, he would suffer a fracture closed tibia and fibula of the left leg.

just 39 years old, the famous cook is already at the head of several establishments, some of which are even michelin starred.

because of this accident, the steward will have to unfortunately put his professional life between the brackets at least a few weeks.


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