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Tintin star of the auction this weekend, Le Figaro

AUCTIONS A plank, unknown of Hergé, from the album unfinished Tintin and the Thermo-Zero, two boards are rare see on the moon : the houses Artcurial and Christie’s once again put in the spotlight, on Saturday, November 19. A sale record has been auctioned by Artcurial, this day.

Event announced on Saturday, November 19 for the “tintinophiles”. The exhibition Tintin at the Grand Palais panics the hammer of the auction. And, more particularly, Tintin treading the lunar soil. In the “golden triangle” of paris, avenue Matignon, the auction house Christie’s will start selling original drawings of Hergé which a board is original from the album One has walked on the moon. Showing the return to Earth of the moon rocket, this Chinese ink and gouache white is estimated to be between 350,000 and 400,000 euros.

record Sales, Artcurial

At the same time, at the rond-point des Champs-Élysées, the auction house Artcurial is hosting a sale dedicated to the world of the creator of Tintin. And the lot lighthouse is also a board ofOne has walked on the moon. Estimated between 700.000 and 900.000 euros, the dashboard has finally been sold for this Saturday, at 1.55 million euros: a record.

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A plank rare and expensive, made with China ink and gouache. Because this board shows, Tintin, Snowy and captain Haddock walking on the moon, it is estimated the double. Published in 1954, editions Casterman, she meets the characters dressed in a diving suit, and ready for adventure interstellar. This passage of the album, where our heroes arrive for the first time the lunar soil is legendary. Especially when shows the earth view of the sky. The plate 26 provides details of the manner in which the characters discover the joys of weightlessness and fun.

“This is one of the most important planks of the post-war, part, in the same way as Tintin in Tibet and the Castafiore emerald, an album that became legendary for a number of collectors and lovers of comics. It is an essential moment in the history of the ninth art And the works of Hergé’s of this era are very rare on the market,” says Eric Leroy , an expert in comic Artcurial.

Among the other lots of prestige in the weekend, Artcurial will be selling also around twenty of the famous “cartes neige” of the cartoonist Hergé, estimated between 60,000 and 120,000 euros. A collection of books in black and white and color from the library of Louis Casterman, historical publisher of Tintin since the 1930s, complete this collection estimated to be between 1.2 and 2.4 million euros.

Tintin and the Thermo-Zéro 1960. Crayonné original of the board n°4, outcome of the story inachevée. Signée. Pencil on paper. Estimate: 200.000-250.000 euros. Crédits photo: Hergé/Moulinsart 2016.

Tintin and the Thermo-Zero in 1960. Sketch of the original plate n°4, completion of the unfinished story. Signed. Pencil on paper. Estimate: 200.000-250.000 euros. Photo credits: Hergé/Moulinsart 2016.

Tintin and the Thermo-Zero, room at Christie’s

From his side, Christie’s creates the surprise by putting on sale for the first time, a board amazing crayonnée by Hergé end of Tintin and the Thermo-Zero, an album that remained unfinished. Estimated between 200,000 and 250,000, this lot could well overshadow the original exception proposed at Artcurial.

Tintin and the Thermo-Zero is the sketch of an album that became legendary for the “tintinophiles”. Its history remains relatively unknown. Hergé had begun to work there in the late 1950s after his masterpiece, Tintin in Tibet. But the project, a story of espionage on the background of the cold War, will never succeed, because the project is much like by many points to The calculus Affair, which also is inspired by the spy films of the 1960s,James Bond. In the Thermo-Zero, the object of the quest of the characters is a bomb of a new kind, that the writer and cartoonist Greg, who is developing the script for the Tintin defined as “a chemical mixture to release heat, even in an atmosphere deprived of oxygen.”

This page should have been the fourth of the album. Done in pencil by the hand of Hergé himself (and not a designer of studios Hergé), it represents Tintin, Snowy and captain Haddock rescuing victims of a road accident. And you can discover all the creative energy of Hergé, in search of the “clear line”.

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Tintin, a reign that is not going to stop.


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