Saturday, November 19, 2016

Julie (Koh-Lanta, the island to the treasury) : “I would love to do The Voice !” – Tv

It is unforgettable. In eleven episodes, Julie has permanently marked the viewers of TF1 in Koh-Lanta : treasure island. If it is defined today as an artist, the Perpignanaise has indicated on social networks that she wanted to change professions. Until now, the young woman was a dental assistant with her husband. What are her dreams today as she has just quit the adventure game ?

Télé-Loisirs : You have indicated a wish to change profession on social networks…

Julie : During the adventure, it was time to get acquainted with oneself. I was surprised to be comfortable to be filmed daily. At the beginning, I was a little embarrassed. It disturbs me not to see myself on tv.

>>> Koh-Lanta : Julie has already participated in a tv show ! Find out which…

What would you like to do ?

I’m open to anything. Singing, film, animation, tv… I have not yet had proposals. But I want to clarify that if I have made Koh-Lanta, it was above all to achieve my dream of adventurer. After that, it is true that I would love to participate in The Voice.

>>> Koh-Lanta : who throws himself into the sea the bottles announcing the tests ?

thinks your husband ?

He is thrilled for me. We discussed it. Like a prince charming, he wants only one thing : that I am happy. And I thank him for that.


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