Sunday, November 20, 2016

Many celebrities say stop to the Holland bashing – Le Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – In a text published in The Sunday Newspaper, several dozens of personalities from the world of arts and culture, the economy and research in defense of the president of the Republic.

Several personalities, including the actress Catherine Deneuve, or the singer Benjamin Biolay, sign in The Sunday Newspapera forum denouncing “the fierceness unworthy” and the “denigration permanent” which would be François Hollande.

” In Occitania, François Hollande rode up its entry in the campaign

The head of State “has the right to respect as any other citizen, and as president of our Republic,” write the signatories – artists, athletes, researchers or entrepreneurs – this text entitled “stop the Hollande-bashing”.

The actors Gérard Darmon, Juliette Binoche and Sylvie Testud, the filmmaker and photographer Raymond Depardon, the man of the theatre, Denis Podalydès and the doctor-an emergency physician Patrick Pelloux are among the defenders of the head of State, to the lowest in the polls and battered within the left. “From the start, François Hollande has faced an incredible trial in illegitimacy. This denigration standing puts pressure on all the institutions of the Republic and the presidential office,” according to the signatories. “It is still alive today despite the stature of a man of State, François Hollande, has perfectly embodied, both in the international crises that during the terrible tragedies that our country has gone through.”

They also judge a list of measures that justify according them from flying to the rescue of the president, as “creations of posts in the national Education system”, “the increase in the number of police officers and magistrates”, “support for learning”, or “retirement at 60 years for career long”. “All of this is ignored, all of this is distorted, erased, replaced by a trial daily, instructed to load by name-calling, lies and vile”, are the personalities who signed the op-ed in the JDD. “We (…) denounce this eagerness unworthy.”

François Hollande is confronted with the skepticism of a part of his camp, which accuses him in particular the secrets to the two journalists of the World , as recorded in the book A president should not say that… published last month. The head of State, who has also given away over the five years of its ex-ministers Benoit Hamon, Arnaud Montebourg and Emmanuel Macron, promised to say by mid December if it has to run for a new mandate.


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