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The last part of Leonard Cohen, loser beautiful – The World

” I’m out of the game, “sings, on five occasions, the Canadian in her last album,” You Want It Darker “. Player before the Lord, he is taken at his word.

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” I’m out of the game ” :the ” I leave the game. “ Leonard Cohen is one of those poets who like to pay in the repetition, by small sips or large goulées, as we recite prayers, mantras, psalms, sesame. In his last album, You Want It Darker, published on the 21st of October, three weeks before his death, the to appears five times, ” I’m out of the game “, arranged in a straight flush and a funeral : two times in the title song, before the three new instances in Leaving the Table, another top of the disk.

in the past, the Canadian had already put his death on the carpet. It seemed even then to get some thrill, some vitality : listen A Singer Must Die (1974), Death of a Ladies' Man (1977), or even Tower of Song (1988), you will hear a man a shudder of the possibility of its loss, joy and fear mingled.

So, why dwell on this double roll final ? Because it is a farewell song, and that it does not go away no matter how when we wrote Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye. It heals its output. This part looks like him : Cohen leaves us with one last challenge, beautiful player, teacher and singer.

no more

Would it be siding, in some back room of the casino, with David Bowie, Prince, Bob Dylan & co ? These great old would they be, agreed with the above and beyond to make 2016 a ceremony ancient and random, who would be sanctified at the discretion of the oracles of the roulette ? Would they be given the word to cheat death, eluding the fate of the bluff, pushing back the deadline to reinforcement of combinations to be encrypted – output album, goodbye letters, concerts in the desert, a Nobel prize winner… ? The commander Cohen would have expected the election of a joker to the white House to withdraw, on an ultimate coup de poker ?

” If you’re the dealer,/I’m out of the game. “If this verse kills the song is that it sums up perfectly his passion for the game, and with it the very issue of his poetry, clear, fun, never shy, always bold, punctuated by a series of challenges kitsch and spiritual – is measured by the electro, gospel or country, betting on the existence of Yahweh, or Buddha. Bold before the Lord, ” Len ” adventure islands hélènes in zen monasteries, is in his vein of trial success, upside-down and reversal of fortune. the Take this waltz : he grabbed his chance at the same time that the hands of the riders, woo the muses in a gentlemensch more or less well off. Literary genius ? in Who knows. Engineering literal, surely he knows as person to take him at his word, to hang himself to them.

Some songs sound like ransom. These ” I’m out of the game “ seem to make the costs of I’m your man (1988), where he pocketed the implementation in love, a ton of fun : ” If you want a lover, ( … ) /I’m your man. “There, the time is more serious, the voice also : I was your man, I am not any more, there is nothing to follow, nothing more. Cohen comes out of the table, losing beautiful ; it no longer wants to play, layer, outside the race, outside of the game, game over. Thus, he decided, so be it : the last wishes of the poet, eternal vitality of his poetry.


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