Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Paris : drawings “unreleased” Van Gogh are they fake ? – The Parisian

Les drawings of Vincent Van Gogh are they authentic or fake ? Several publishers, including The Threshold at Paris, were presented Tuesday as an unpublished work, a book that contains 65 drawings of the painter and draftsman Dutch, but the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam contests their authenticity. “On the basis of years of research, on the drawings of Van Gogh in the collection of the museum and other locations,” the experts “have concluded that these drawings are imitations,” said the museum.

In a press release published while the book was unveiled by The Threshold, at a press conference in Paris, the Amsterdam museum-art, in particular the finger at the quality of the ink used, the style of the drawings and errors, topographic. “There is a temple, so there are guardians of the temple, it is inevitable”, he responded in Paris the editor of the book, Bernard How.

The book, which would belong to private owners, a figure in fac-simile in a book which shall be published simultaneously Thursday in France (The Threshold), the United States and the United Kingdom (Abrams), Germany (Verlag), the netherlands (Lannoo) and Japan (Kawade Shobo). This book of 288 pages is signed by one of the best specialists of the work of the Dutch painter, the Canadian Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov, one of the curators of the exhibition “Van Gogh in Paris” in 1988 at the Musée d’orsay. According to it, the drawings were made in ink on the book of accounting of a hotel in Arles, the Café de la Gare, where was the Dutch painter. Most of them are landscapes of the Arles region. There are also portraits (Gauguin), flowers (iris, arum), trees (cypress trees).

These drawings would cover the period when Van Gogh was in Provence, of his arrival in Arles in February 1888, up to his departure from the house of health of Saint-Rémy to Paris, in may 1890. It is titled “Vincent Van Gogh, the fog of Arles, book found,” “the fog” is a kind of book used to keep accounts of a trade. The period in arles by Van Gogh is at the twilight of his life. This is especially in Arles on 23 December 1888, Van Gogh cut off part of the ear after a quarrel with Paul Gauguin.

Death at the age of 37, with suicide at Auvers-sur-Oise, 29 July 1890, Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the greatest artists of all time. His paintings, exhibited in major museums, are among the most sought-after. A “Portrait of Dr. Gachet”(1890) reached $ 82.5 million at auction Christie’s in New York in 1990. In may 2015, another of his paintings, “The allée des Alyscamps” has been sold for $ 66 million at another auction in New York. As for the drawings, one knows about a thousand sheets of the artist.


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