Monday, November 21, 2016

What is the future for Nicolas Sarkozy after his defeat ? – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The former head of State, aged 61 years, said it would “tackle life with more passion private and less of the passion of the public.”

Nicolas Sarkozy has seen his dream of re-conquest of the Elysée escape him. Probably the end of a political career of forty years, rich in twists and turns. And a question: what will make the young retired 61-year-old? “It is time for me to approach life with more passion private and less passion to the public”, launched the former head of State, Sunday, since their HQ. This issue, Nicolas Sarkozy has already had the opportunity to ask it. In 2012, salle de la Mutualité, he announced to his activists: “I will be one of yours (…) My place may not be the same. After 35 years of political office, my commitment to the life of my country will be different now”.

Nicolas Sarkozy was initially offered for holidays in Morocco, at the invitation of king Mohammed VI, before you go around the world to conferences paid for. What will it be tomorrow? The agenda, the ex-president still has an appointment policy: on Sunday, he will visit the office to vote for dragging a bulletin in the name of François Fillon. Then, it will “certainly” find his family” thought Brice Hortefeux, on LCI. His entourage did not fail to surround him: “Sometimes, the best lose. Congratulations my love, I’m proud of you,” wrote Carla Bruni on Instagram. As for Louis Sarkozy, his young son, he has posted an old photo of his father, place de la Concorde, holding a tricolor flag, with these words: “Certain love stories never end…”

The policy is completely finished for Nicolas Sarkozy? “It is expressed, it is what I have understood,” said Brice Hortefeux when Eric Ciotti, himself, talked about “a page is turned” on France inter. “The story is over”, has completed Rachida Dati on Europe 1.

The man could still keep a foot in the backwater. It can still take advantage of the offices offered by the Republic to all former heads of State. His family are still located at 77 rue de Miromesnil, in the VIIIe arrondissement of Paris. Legally, he can still ask to sit on the constitutional Council. He had stopped visiting in 2013, after the invalidation of his last campaign accounts.

Has its agenda, the court records in which it is cited will invite. On 15 December, the justice shall decide on the appeal filed by the examination of the case Bygmalion. If he were to be returned to a correctional Nicolas Sarkozy could not enjoy any immunity.

To the left, some do not believe in total withdrawal and final settlement of this stupid policy. “It made a lot of references to France in the first part, under control, of his speech. And in general, it is that one has behind the head the idea that we could still use it,” ruled Jean-Christophe Cambadélis France info.


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