Sunday, November 13, 2016

It is not lying, France 2 : Thierry Ardisson “saved the head” of Stéphane Guillon [Video] – Télé Star

Thierry Ardisson has revealed a scoop on Saturday night in One is not lying on France 2. The facilitator of Salvation to Earthlings called Vincent Bolloré to ask him not to turn Stéphane Guillon.

last month, Stéphane Guillon found himself in torment after having harshly criticized Vincent Bolloré. The humorist of Salvation of the Earthlings did not utterly digested to see Cyril Hanouna to reveal his salary (€10,000 per month) on the set of his show Key not at my post. The two men are clashés by media interposed. Cyril Hanouna wanted to reconcile with her former accomplice of the string Comedy doing burst on to the plateau of the Grand Journal Canal + but Stéphane Guillon has taken up his legs to his neck, to flee the confrontation in front of the cameras.

A month after, Thierry Ardisson revealed on the Saturday evening in the emission of Laurent Ruquier, It is not lying on France 2, that he intervened personally to Vincent Bolloré to retain its chronicler : “J‘ve saved the head of Guillon. I called Vincent Bolloré. I said to him : ‘Vincent, this is, this is not a good idea to turn Guillon.’Baffie Laurent, invited him to‘ONPC, took the opportunity to make a slapstick joke by asking Thierry Ardisson of to shout to him also after that sent fingers of honor to Vincent Bolloré and caused a giggle to Laurent Ruquier.

As for Cyril Hanouna, the host of TPMP had stated in his show that he had made things clear with Stéphane Guillon on the telephone : “I’ve called, it’s good, I think we will have more problems with him (…) It was a bit far (…) Me, I don’t like talking through a screen. I called directly to the people.”


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