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Trailer beauty and The Beast : Emma Watson, diving full-fairy-tale – AlloCiné

The trailer for “beauty and The Beast”, the live version of the film to Disney animation from 1991, worn by Emma Watson has just been unveiled. The feature comes out in our cinemas on march 22, 2017.

The trailer for the live-action version of beauty and The Beast is finally available ! After discovering our hero in the process of waltz in the castle of the Beast and a few people iconic, the film by Bill Condon had finally opened through a trailer which will make shivers of delight all fans of the classic 1991.

Faithful adaptation of the animated film Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, beauty and The Beast version 2017 takes place in the fn the Eighteenth century, in a small French village. Beautiful, young, girl, dreamy and passionate about literature, lives with his father, an old inventor wacky. Having lost a night in the forest, the latter took refuge in the castle of the Beast, who throws her in the dungeon. Could not bear to see his father imprisoned, Belle agrees to take his place, unaware that beneath the mask the monster hides a Prince Charming trembling with love for her, but the victim of a terrible curse.

This first trailer gives us the opportunity to discover a little more of the protagonists of the film : the Beautiful (Emma Watson) and the Beast (Dan Stevens), his castle and its inhabitants, the father of Belle, played by Kevin Kline, but also Gaston, the jilted suitor (Luke Evans) and his friend The Fool (Josh Gad), all of it worn by the famous music of Alan Menken. Of the first images that give madly want to see even more and that we reinforce the idea that this version will be an adaptation of live hyper-faithful to the animated film (the discovery of the castle by Belle, his meeting with Chip, Big Ben, and the Light, the scene of an attack by the wolves, Gaston deciding to attack the Beast…)

A poster teaser, which puts the beauty and the Beast light

First animated film in History to have been nominated for an Oscar for best film, Beauty and the Beast is without a doubt one of the most illustrious achievements of Disney studios. And among the reasons which explain this success, the songs signed Howard Ashman (lyrics) and Alan Menken (music) – for which the latter has won 2 Oscars (Best original music score and Best song).

The composer sign elsewhere once again the music, including re-registration of original songs composed by Howard Ashman and him at the time, as well as 3 new songs, this time written in collaboration with Tim Rice.

beauty and The Beast will be released in our cinemas on march 22, 2017.


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