The mayor of Béziers, Robert Ménard has left the plateau of “Hi earthlings” for a chronicle of comedian Tom Villa. – Alain ROBERT/Apercu/SIPA

” come on, that’s enough I’m going. “In the midst of chronic of comedian Tom Villa, Robert Ménard has left the plateau of Greeting Earthlings aired on C8 this Saturday at 18h55. The mayor of Beziers has not tasted the humour of the chronicler, revealed Thierry Ardisson on RTL.

Tom Villa was a portrait of the chosen one by ingéniant to put white in his text, which was causing the hilarity of the public. “Who else would have taken over this city… a population of 75,000. One day you too will be known throughout the universe as the beloved Adolf… Sax. “This evocation, Robert Ménard has left the tv show.

The elected, justified his action on Twitter : “I will never accept that we insult the Biterrois. “

His departure a theatrical has been accompanied by “Robert, no, wait, wait, wait…” of Thierry Ardisson. A last half-turn of the elected official and a “You’re going to get stuffed” have entered into the stage in front of a Yvan The Bolloc’h hilarious.

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Outside antenna, the “case” had its last development in the same tone, according to Robert Ménard. On his Twitter account, the chosen one issued Saturday recording a message that he would have left Thierry Ardisson on his answering machine, where the host treats on two occasions of the ” big head idiot “. Atmosphere…

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