Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Emmanuelle Bercot and Irène Frachon united against the Mediator in The girl Brest, Le Figaro

VIDEO - In his latest feature film, the filmmaker recounts the battle of the pulmonologist brestoise who has denounced the dangers of the drug laboratories Servier in 2009. The two women return to Le Figaro the story of a scandal and the film which the traces.

it All began in 2008 when the pulmonologist brestoise Irène Frachon discovered the harmfulness extreme of the Mediator, which causes cardiac complications may lead to death in some patients. She then decides to go on a crusade for this drug to be withdrawn from the market.

Irene Frachon was very quickly obvious that a film on this story. The choice of Emmanuelle Bercot has imposed itself quite naturally. On his side, the filmmaker has been seduced by the personality of the doctor. “The human way of telling his story with his energy and flamboyant, and his explosive temper, and demonstrative I was definitely convinced.” Irène Frachon has quickly become The girl of Brest.

During the filming, the pulmonologist has been a technical advisor, without having idea what he wanted to do the director. Many of the exchanges between the doctor and the director have been necessary so that there is an appropriation of scientific, technical and human.

A large part of the film takes place in the hospital, at Brest, with the participation of medical teams on-site. “I measured the exceptional character of being able to shoot in a hospital in activity. It almost never happens note the director. We have been able to do thanks to Irene Frachon. It was his team in his establishment.”

“I’ve never treated a colleague of testicle soft as in the movie, but I thought about it very hard…”

so far, Bercot has taken a few liberties with reality, but this does not affect the story and the experience of Irène Frachon. “I’ve never treated a colleague of testicle soft as in the movie, but I’ve thought very hard says the pulmonologist. It is as if She had plugged a microphone in my head. She has verbalized many things that I thought I would. Actress Sidse Babett Knudsen, who plays my role is more real than nature.”

As for Benoît Magimel, he is the embodiment of Antoine Le Bihan, the doctor to the origin of the first survey and support of Irène Frachon. “Emmanuelle Bercot has made in my relationship with the character of the stress and arguments that I had with several people,” she says again. The real Antoine Le Bihan has never panicked. I have more down than him. There are reconstructions for the needs of the fiction.”

The feature-length film traces and puts into light the story of a woman committed to defend the patients. “In Brest, I was very supported but I am regularly challenged by colleagues, or university professors who were telling me non-stop that I was going too far, says even the pulmonologist. But I never doubted it. I have always had the absolute certainty that it was a crime and that there was an emergency. It was really my fight. Nobody was aware of the real danger posed by this drug.” Today, Irène Frachon continues its commitment. It is fighting now for the victims compensation. A battle far from over…


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