“Charlie Hebdo” landed in Germany – Screenshot Twitter France 3 Alsace

Angela Merkel sitting on the toilet, a copy of Charlie Hebdo in hand, and the slogan “the Charlie Hebdo, the newspaper that relaxes “… It is the poster that has chosen the satirical weekly for the launch on Thursday of its German version, his first experience outside of the French borders.

The Charlie of the poster contains a drawing of Charb, published a few years ago, a tribute to the current director of the publication Riss to his predecessor who was killed in the bombing jihadist that has claimed the lives of 12 people in the offices of the newspaper in 2015. “I always thought that it could happen to export Charlie Hebdo ,” says Riss, who worked on the German version for more than six months.

A real curiosity in Germany to the ” Charlie Hebdo “

Why is the German rather than English, the language in which a part of the site is already translated ? “It was found that there was a real curiosity in Germany for Charlie Hebdo “, where the team was often invited to exhibitions, “on the contrary, it has rarely been solicited by Great Britain, Spain or Portugal,” says Riss. “A lot of people abroad have discovered Charlie Hebdo with the January 7, through a dramatic event, so that it is a newspaper that is supposed to make people laugh “, he complained.

” Ultimately, the people we always relate it back to that. It is true that it is an important aspect of our identity, editorial, the attachment to the freedom to criticize religions, but Charlie Hebdo this is not it, ” says the designer. “If one is able to make foreign readers, we will make allies, people who help us to disseminate it and to understand what it is, it will not be the only ones to do this work “,-he hoped.

12 people working on the German version of

A team of about 12 people is working on the German version, based on the two sides of the Rhine in a division that has not been disclosed. An editor-in-chief German has been recruited in Paris where it is installed to supervise the adaptation and make the connection between the two cultures.

For security issues, the mother has preferred to adopt a pseudonym, Minka Schneider. Aware of the risks that she runs to work for Charlie, it is the interest of the project and the home of the team that convinced her, ” she says. “The biggest challenge, this is not German humor, this is the culture of French drawing of the press which has no equivalent in Germany “, she said.

the first number drawn to 200,000 copies

Germany has a two-monthly satirical, Titanic and Eulenspiegel, but they are not comparable with Charlie, according to the journalist. If the first number in German will be drawn to 200,000 copies, the team has not set sales targets. “This is a test, an experiment for us. The idea is to build a readership abroad, “says Riss, for which” there is a universal dimension in the humor of Charlie “.

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