Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016 : “I’m happy that a new young woman to take my place” – LCI

INTERVIEW – She has had a dream year. As she prepares to move the hand, Iris Mittenaere, alias Miss France 2016, to take stock of the amazing adventure that she has had the chance to live.

His reign is nearing its end. In a few weeks, Iris Mittenaere, alias Miss France in 2016, will pass the hand to a new young woman who will live, in his turn, a dream year. “For the moment I am happy, because I have the impression of having lived through a beautiful year. Maybe once in Montpellier, it’s going to be a little more hard “, gave us the beautiful.

While the 30 claimant to the title of Miss France 2017 were presented this morning to the press, a year ago, Iris was in their place. “The first few days are a bit particular, this is true, because we see all and we feel a little alone. But we try to make girlfriends, and after it’s going very well. Me, I advise them especially enjoy. They are going to be in 4-star hotels, to do extraordinary things, and they may not be able to never make it to their lives.”

I’ll resume my studies because I want to be a dentist. But as I always said, I do not close any door.Iris Mittenaere

For Iris, the balance sheet is obviously very positive. “I have no regrets. I’ve traveled, I’ve met a lot of people. I am very happy with my year, but I am happy also that a new young woman to take my place and live it as much as me.”

If she has no regrets, Iris will not, however, managed to keep his married life. “But you should never say never, and I think that maybe we can try again, we’ll see ! I’m not afraid of my future sentimental, everything is a story of destiny. Maybe I will meet the right person, or maybe we will build something together with Mathieu, we’ll see.”

In January, Iris Mittenaere will represent France at Miss Universe in the Philippines, before returning to the benches of the university. “After that, I’ll resume my studies because I want to be a dentist. But as I always said, I do not close any door. If someone offers me something extraordinary, and that makes me dream, I’ll do it.”


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