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In “Married at first sight” on M6 users had seen just for Justin and Tiffany – The Huffington Post

TELEVISION – Monday, November 28, was released the 4th and last episode of “Married at first sight” on M6, a final that was attended by no less than 3.5 million viewers despite a problem with his rather unusual. They have had the confirmation of what is said in the last two weeks on the social network: Justin and Tiffany end up together.

However, in this program that is supposed to unite people on the basis of scientific tests, Tiffany and Justin were given the pick of the contenders different at the start. The experts of M6 had presented Thomas and Valentine.

But on the social networks, in mid-November, users had understood that Justin and Tiffany would end up together looking at photos.

In the episodes that have followed, viewers have learned that marriages arranged by the science to Tiffany Thomas and Valentine-Justin did not work.

How to Justin and Tiffany have finally put it together? The duo had a rate of compatibility of 82%, but the experts were of the opinion that the physical attractiveness between them would not be good, that is why they have preferred not to put them in contact at the start. After the failure of their first marriages, the experts have changed their minds. And they have done well…

“We talked for hours without seeing the time pass. At the base we needed to take a drink and it lasted until 5 o’clock in the morning. There has immediately had a feeling. There, it will make six months that we are together and it is going perfectly well”, said Justin.

The day broadcast of the last episode of “Married at first sight”, his lover has posted a snapshot on Instagram.

“I found the great love, the one I thought was small, the one I was expecting more. And it fills me with happiness. An indescribable feeling, my obvious,” wrote Tiffany, explaining that the two will marry.

After almost a year of silence, the time has (finally) to the confidence.. It is with great nostalgia that I watched with you this last episode. I experienced a unique adventure, the most beautiful surely. Some will surely not, we take for actors (I take it as a compliment!) and others will continue to speak without knowledge. Matters little to me. Today I have friends and a family more closely than ever, I met a production team’s just awesome, and experts very supportive. Just for that the adventure was worth to be lived. I’ve also learned a lot about me. But love also knocked at my door.. And he is called Justin. It is not a nurse, he was not 45 years old, and nothing predestined this thunderbolt.. This is now soon 1 year that he has entered into my life, and that he did not go away. I found the great love, the one I thought was small, the one I was expecting more. And it fills me with happiness. An indescribable feeling, my highlight.. Of happiness, of complicity, l aughter, fusion.. Inexplicable. I was very touched with all your love, your support, and to have been able to share this page of my life with you. A big thank you. I can never be thankful enough to my family for having me as well supported in this crazy adventure, and my friends (Marina, Valentine, Marine, Maud, Celina & Lalie), without whom I would not be who I am today and without whom my life would have been very bland. Today I’m going to get married, with the man of my life, a real marriage, with love, and no hesitation to say “yes” to life. I no longer need to hide it.. today I can shout our love loud and clear. Justin I’ll never tell you enough.. I love you more than anything. #MariésAu1erRegard

A photo posted by Tiffany (@tiffany_mapr) the

Justin has not missed posting a photo to his turn to share his relief of no longer having to hide.

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