Tuesday, November 15, 2016

VIDEO – The amazing experience sado-masochistic Charlotte The Good to prepare Iris – Gala

to prepare For his role in Iris, the new film by Jalil Lespert, Charlotte Le Bon was initiated to the art of sado-masochism. A discovery that was made in a dungeon by following the advice of a specialist.

to prepare For their roles, Charlotte Le Bon does not hesitate to pay his person and take all the risks.. For Iris, her new film, directed by Jalil Lespert and in which it provides the replica Romain Duris, actress portrayed a young woman with a strong power of seduction, and who participates in evenings sado-masochistic. To better understand this environment so particular, and the people who revolve, the former miss weather Canal+ has confessed that she had been initiated by a specialist.

As she revealed in the show Daily of Yann Barthes, Charlotte Le Bon follow Betony Vernon, an anthropologist and sexual. “She is also a writer, she has written a book called The Bible of the Boudoir, which is a guide to pleasure without taboo, and she is also one of the objects and the instruments for vocation, sexual” has she explained to her former accomplice of the Grand Journal, a time Michel Denisot.

I witnessed a true session dominant-dominated, with Betony, who was my teacher, she revealed. it was she who showed me. I had to learn to demystify this world before I dive in because, when we judge, we look ridiculous“. And then, at the insistence of Yann Barthes, Charlotte Le Bon says: “A dungeon is a good place for this type of activities (…) it often happens in a basement. (…) I was in a corner of the room. The submissive in question had not the right to look at me during the whole time of the session. It was a man, he was naked, four-footed, ( … ), and Betony has shown me the various tools to find out how to use them well in order not to hurt because there is a real respect, a real concern for the health of dominant, we may not hit it where good seems to us, this is not the aim of the game“.


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