Tuesday, November 29, 2016

VIDEO. “Rendez-vous in an unknown land” : the copy-and-paste of Frédéric Lopez – The Parisian

France 2 “ Rendez-vous in an unknown land “… or land known. The hit show, back on Tuesday in the company of Mélanie Doutey, often uses the same revenue.

Lyeah either Frédéric Lopez ! With ” Rendez-vous in an unknown land “, the host of France 2 has invented one of the concepts the most original of the tv : discover the people isolated at the other end of the world, over of the initiatory journey of a character faced with a lifestyle light years away from his own.

For its 19e number, on Tuesday evening, the globe-trotter emmènait the actress Mélanie Doutey at the extreme west of Mongolia, where she will live for several days with a family of camel herders, to the shelter of the Altai mountains. Once again, the great show is guaranteed by stunning landscapes. And the trip proves to be very emotional for the actress of the distant origins of mongolia, via his great-grand-father.

But now, the beautiful dream machine so well oiled over the years (since 2004 on France 5, and then from 2006 on France 2) ends up going round in circles. If the scarcity of the broadcast — two issues per year — creates the event, the trained eye can almost fun to spot the similarities from one number to the other, a copy-and-paste sometimes. Examples.

VIDEO. “Rendez-vous in an unknown land” in Mongolia, a déjà vu !

Third trip to Mongolia

going back to Mongolia, it is almost a deja-vu. In 2007 already, Frédéric Lopez was taken off to the land of Genghis Khan with Bruno Solo, in the yurt with riders of the steppes. Three years later, the presenter returned to that country with Virginie Efira to meet a tribe of Tsaatan, nomadic reindeer herders. This time, Melanie Doutey sharing the life of Nyamsuren, a rancher who is fighting to save the camel of Bactria, a rare species from central Asia. With this third trip, Mongolia wins the prize of the most visited destinations, on a par with Indonesia, ahead of Ethiopia (twice). “We love this country justifies the leader of the Two. Our travels in Mongolia have nothing to do, between the steppes with Bruno Solo, taiga, with Virginie Efira, and the doors of the Gobi desert this evening. It is as if Thalassa was Brittany and Corsica ! “

Oh, they repeat themselves

You can find the same screed of Frédéric Lopez from the hostess at the time of check-in at the airport, awaiting his guest(e). “It was I who made its bag. To cover their tracks, it has made him try the hot and cold “, avance-t-tonight. Exactly the words spoken in 2007, when the departure of Bruno Solo. And when an assistant warns him of the arrival of the personality, it means : “It happens that door 7″ in 2007. “It’s coming 4-door “, on Tuesday 29 November 2016. And the host run host the star of a : “the second as I speak to you, a family waiting for you somewhere. “On board the aircraft, the sentence was not changed in nine years when he announces, finally, the destination, the escort is blindfolded :” You want to know ? After that, it is irreversible. “

” What are rituals and this is the principle of the issue, ” insists Frédéric Lopez. I say the same phrases, because it is necessary to explain the concept to viewers who do not know him. “

A good plan, but often the same

This evening, an aerial image of the steppes and mountainous open the show. Idem in 2007 for the one with Bruno Solo. Viewers will see the same shots of the guest in the taxi driving to the airport. The sequence where she appears to be abandoned with the presenter in the middle of nowhere before the arrival of their host (by camel, horse, Bruno Solo), those of their first night in a down in the yurt or the brushing of teeth in nature are not lacking.

in Addition to the sharing of daily tasks and discovering, it is impossible to escape the dismantling of the camp, the confidences at the top of a mountain (the sunrise for a Solo at bedtime for Mélanie Doutey)… not to mention the sacrosanct sequence emotion : the tears at the moment of farewell. “I never know if the chemistry is going to operate, defends Frédéric Lopez. We saw a camera. The team worked for a year on each film with the attention to detail. The trip with Mélanie Doutey exudes a purity and addresses existential questions. “Pure, without any doubt. Fees, not always.


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