Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Key not at my post : warning from the CSA, Le Figaro

The constable of the audiovisual initiates a sanctioning procedure against the issuing Cyril Hanouna for “lack of restraint in the dissemination of images that could humiliate the people”.

The ax fell on Wednesday. After having received numerous complaints from viewers, the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) has initiated a sanction procedure with a warning and an injunction against the publisher of the chain C8 related to two clips of the show not Touch my position.

The warning, which is a form of warning, relates to a sequence of issuing Cyril Hanouna aired on September 27, 2016, during which Matthew Delormeau had been dubbed “the mourner” and “jester”. After the episode of the slip-filled noodles, the chronicler became the scapegoat favorite Hanouna. “The verbal aggression of the host against one of the columnists was a lack of restraint in the dissemination of such images that may humiliate people,” notes the CSA, who says he is “concerned about the repeated character of this type of sequences, and the effects of imitation that may induce to the young public”.

The demand, more severe and last step before a possible sanction, relates to a sequence of the same show, which was broadcast on 14 October 2016, during which a columnist, strongly encouraged by the facilitator, has embraced the chest of a speaker in spite of the refusal clearly expressed by the latter on two occasions. To motivate his rant, the CSA believes that such actions convey “gender bias in presenting a poor image of the woman”. Another sequence of TPMP, November 3, is called in question, that of the mise en scene of a crime attributed to a columnist.

In its decision, the CSA states that it “will remain vigilant as to the respect, by the editor, of the human person and particularly of the protection of the young audience in its programming, including entertainment, so do not trivialize forms of humiliation, physical, verbal or psychological”.


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