Thursday, November 24, 2016

In “TPMP”, Cyril Hanouna thank the CSA of the “very good news” of his notice – LCI

RESPONSE In “Not Touch My Position”, aired Wednesday on C8, Cyril Hanouna has expressed his satisfaction after the warning, the notice, and the appointment of a rapporteur announced by the CSA following a series of blunders.

He sees the glass half full. Cyril Hanouna is income Wednesday in “Not Touch My Position” on the decisions of the superior Council of the audiovisual unveiled a little earlier in the day. The CSA has addressed to C8 two warnings about the program. The chain has been punished with a warning about a sequence in which Matthew Delormeau had been insulted. Last September 27, Cyril Hanouna was then treated his columnist of “mourner” and “jester”. The constable of the audio-visual has also issued a notice – strict warning to C8 for the gesture of Jean-Michel Mayor, who had embraced the chest of Soraya Riffy against his will, on the 13th of last October in “The 35 hours of Baba”, the marathon tv with Cyril Hanouna.

But the CSA has especially grabbed an independent reporter to examine the case of the hoax morbid which has been the victim Matthew Delormeau the 3 last November. Cyril Hanouna had entrapped him by asking him to take in his place a murder, a scene very hard to live with for the chronicler. This last procedure may result in a sanction such as reading a message to the antenna or the obligation to put lelogo “forbidden to under 12 years of age”, which would force the chain to shift the time of the broadcast.

This is a very good news for C8. We will continue to have fun. Cyril Hanouna

Obviously, there is cause for concern, the boss of the show. “It is a very good news. This is what we wanted to be able to explain with a person on different sequences, so all is well. We are going to be auditioned, with Matthew, to say what happened and how we experienced things,” was launched by Cyril Hanouna. Gilles Verdez also praised the choice of the rapporteur, namely, Mr. Fraisse, a member of the Council of State. “A rigorous man who will not lead a statement in support. His profile is ideal,” said Gilles Verdez.

“This is a very good news for C8″, hammered Cyril Hanouna, who thanked the CSA for this decision. “We’re going to continue to have fun and do the show you like without taking the head. We live, necessarily, there will always be a few slip-ups, but it is a program family as you like it”, he concluded to the applause of critics and the public.


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