Sylvie Jenaly, which embodies Super Nanny in the show of the same name from 2013. – J. Cauvin / NT1

thunderclap in the world of television ! Sylvie Jenaly, aka “Super Nanny” in the program of the same name, broadcast on TF1, and NT1 is accused of “violence education” by a petition signed by 2,000 people in three years. Since the re-entry and the dissemination of Super Nanny on TF1, the CSA has received 64 complaints about the content of the show, revealed Le Parisien November 20.

the origin of this petition, Bernadette Gautier, therapist in an association of parenting, adept of the” positive education “. The petition accuses the governess of : “take the children by the arms, or even sometimes at the risk of uncoupled one-shoulder, isolate, even very young people, at risk of cause them psychological damage “. The therapist abounds in the article : “she threatens, humiliates, actually bend” the children or, on the contrary, their ” imposes hugs.”

methods as the education specialist denounces, but for her, the important thing is not there. Children are exposed to television without their consent and, according to her, the children ” are put in a position of being mocked at school “, as in the episode where ” we saw a mother brushing the teeth of her 11-year old boy. Imagine the reactions at school, the gaze of the other, teasing “. The file will be examined next week by the constable of the audiovisual industry.

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