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Death of Paul Tourenne : the last of The Brothers Jacques is off… – Pure People

A month after the death of Pierre Tchernia, their biggest fan, who had devoted a documentary reference, published in 2005, the last of the Brothers Jacques also pulled the reverence : Paul Tourenne, who had also contributed to the existence of this document compiling numerous archives, died on the night of Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November 2016 at the age of 93 years, has reported his son Robin to the AFP. “He died of old age, his heart has let go,” he said while referring to “the career beautiful” of the deceased, who had lived for ten years in Montreal, Canada.

The disappearance of Paul Tourenne means that there are no more of the four accomplices of this fantastic siblings comico-musical that was, from 1946 to 1982, the vocal quartet The Brothers Jacques : two real brothers André and Georges Bellec, who had four years apart, are missing, respectively, in 2008 and 2012, at the age of 94 years, while François Soubeyran was no longer since 2002. Disappear is undeniably what they did less funny…

Born in Paris in 1923, Paul Tourenne is dreamt, in his younger years, as professor of singing. Passionate about music and photography, he has finally had the opportunity to profess… fantasy, poetry and humour, in song. At the Liberation, he joined the quartet formed by brothers Bellec (he was able to make the acquaintance of André in Work and Culture, where he took care of the ticket and where François Soubeyran was also an employee), benjamin of this little band, which owes its name to the expression “the james“, that is to say to the fool : “this is what we wanted to do in song“, explicitait moreover, Paul Tourenne in an interview in the 1990s. Within the quartet of singers in a leotard, Paul, tenor, had the blue.

After their debut in 1945, the career of the Brothers Jacques takes off when the artistic director of legendary Jacques Canetti takes them under his wing and allows them to take advantage of the talents of composer Joseph Kosma and writer Jacques Prévert, who would later say of them : “To the limelight, the Brothers Jacques lit a real fire of joy, and the boards burned crackling, and they dance around singing.” Of original songs in parodies, and in drunken songs, their career will mark several generations between 1945 and 1982, the year of their last recital, and their separation. A tribute was made to mark the fifty years of the creation of the group, at the Casino de Paris in January 1996. A few months later, they were gathered to receive a Molière d’honneur.

In 2016, the INA has published a double DVD that is devoted to them.


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