Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bob Dylan, too busy to go get his Nobel for literature, Le Figaro

The american singer remained silent a long time after having been awarded the most prestigious literary awards. He just announced to the Swedish Academy and that he will not move to retrieve the 10 December next.

Bob Dylan will not go to fetch his Nobel for literature in Stockholm on December 10, at the traditional prize-giving, announced the Swedish Academy. In a letter, the singer and poet explained that it had “other commitments”.

“He would have liked to be able to receive the prize in person, but other commitments mean that unfortunately, this is impossible. He pointed out that he felt extremely honored by this Nobel prize,” wrote the Academy, in a news release.

on The 13th of October last, the choice of jurors Nobel had caused general surprise. And even some gnashing of teeth on the part of some writers, screaming sometimes to the scam. The singer 75 years of age seemed astonished at this price. He had confessed to the british newspaper The Telegraph, be very surprised. “It is hard to believe,” he said, breaking two weeks of silence to be fairly pithy.

Dylan took his time to respond to the Academy. A silence that has caused the discontent of members of the Swedish jury. Until the anger is defused by Sara Danius, on the 17th of October last.

The secretary of the Academy said on the antenna Swedish Sveriges Radio to have waived the joining. “At the present time, we do nothing. I have called and sent e-mails to his closest coworker”. She acknowledged having received “responses very kind,” which filled the silence that had taken refuge Bob Dylan.

Before the american singer informs finally, on October 28, the academy’s Nobel that he accepted the prize for literature. The composer was declared to be “honored” by the distinction. “Probably, one of the greatest poet alive”, in the words of Per Wästberg, member of the academy.

The singer, however, had not indicated whether it would participate or not to the ceremony of the prize on 10 December. Until 16 November, and the announcement by the singer of the imperatives that prevent it from getting to Stockholm that day.

We do not know exactly the content of these commitments. On its official website, the schedule of the upcoming concerts stops on the 23rd of November with a date in Fort Lauderdale, California. The singer should come to play in Europe, but likely not before the spring of 2017, in the framework of a Never Ending Tour began there was… 29 years already.


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