Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kapoor sculpture again deteriorated with a tag on the “respect for the art” – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The sculpture Anish Kapoor, vandalized Sunday in the park of Versailles with anti-Semitic inscriptions, was further degraded with a tag on the “respect for the art”, did -on learned Thursday from the Versailles estate, which decided to strengthen security measures.

The phrase “Respect Art as U trust God” (“Respect the art as you believe in God”) was inscribed in large letters in pink paint on the lower part of “Dirty Corner”, said the leadership of the Domain.

handlers will be deployed, police round will be carried out throughout night and new surveillance cameras installed, we did the same source.

Set in the gardens of Versailles in June, the monumental sculpture by Anish Kapoor, a steel horn 60 m long to the obvious sexual connotations, sometimes decked the nickname “vagina of the Queen,” had already been vandalized in June with yellow paint jets and cleaned.

Sunday, she was covered many major inscriptions in white paint: “The queen sacrificed twice outraged”, “SS Bloody Sacrifice”, “the second of the Nation by RAPE activism JEWISH DEVIANT”. Or “tradis Kabbalists and Jews: it puts you in danger freak”

The management of the Domain declined to any interpretation of the new inscription discovered Thursday, the wording can be interpreted as either a. criticism, either as support for the artist.

“In perfect harmony with Catherine Pégard”, President of the Domain and the Palace of Versailles, Anish Kapoor announced Sunday night that the insults are not removed, saying that now “these infamous words are part” of the work. Explanatory panels should however be put in place.

Come see the damage on Tuesday, the artist had qualified his remarks, saying he “needed time to decide” delete tags. He expressed his “great sadness” and mentioned a “burial of the culture.”


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