Thursday, November 10, 2016

Luc Besson reveals the first trailer of “Valérian” – Europe1


Sets the futuristic, space ships, strange creatures : the filmmaker Luc Besson unveiled Thursday on the internet in the first trailer of its science-fiction film Valérian and the City of ten thousand planets, which will be released in July. This trailer of the blockbuster, the most expensive in the history of French cinema, a period of 1 minute 37, gives life to the heroes Valérian and Laureline, portrayed by Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne, on the background of the song Because of the Beatles. This visual universe, with a great number of special effects, is not without recalling that of the Fifth element.

A classic of science-fiction. Adapted from the classic comic strip created by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres in 1967 and sold over ten million copies, Valérian and the City of ten thousand planets takes place in 2740. The film tells the story of two agents, spatio-temporal, Valérian and Laureline, which will make for an investigation on the orbital station Alpha, which is home to over 8,000 species. “I had never thought of doing Valérian until I met Jean-Claude Mézières, its creator, who worked on The Fifth element,” said Luc Besson during a presentation of the trailer, which aired live on the page Facebook of the movie.


Push the limits of special effects. "But at the time, we could not do it. It was too complicated," he added. "We had to wait until the technology develops to think about it. It is James Cameron who has pushed all the boundaries with Avatar," said the director. The maker of the film of 57-year-old explained to be "in the process of finishing the special effects of the film" and have "lot of work" because Valérian contains 2.734 special effects, including "400 to 500 have been validated to date." A new trailer for the film will be unveiled in January", he said.

A blockbuster tour in France. Blockbuster in English from a budget of 170 million euros, of which the worldwide release is scheduled for July 2017, Valérian and the City of a thousand planet was filmed at the Cité du cinéma, Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). The actors Clive Owen and Ethan Hawke, the jazz pianist Herbie Hancock and singer Rihanna, who made an appearance in the trailer, are also included in the casting of the film.


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