Friday, November 4, 2016

The literary awards give voice to the voiceless – The World

The Goncourt returns to Leïla Slimani, the Renaudot to Yasmina Reza, the Medici Ivan Jablonka.

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Leïla Slimani, after the announcement of the prize, at The restaurant Drouant, in Paris, Thursday 3 November 2016.

what Is the purpose of literary prizes ? Has do good to the edition, that is to say, in principle, to the literature. To give a boost to the bookstore, too, because a Goncourt flows average more than 395 000 copies, according to the market research institute GfK.

On the other hand, a literary award is not used to orient themselves in the contemporary creation, to which it usually remains waterproof : and this is not its role. Publishers need to “locomotives” to make a living for their household and, in particular, be able to publish texts that are said to be ” demanding “.

The prices, therefore, represent a certain state of the literary taste of French, but not all of the current literature. Their influence on aesthetics and the history of the novel is generally low or zero. Hardly can one possibly distinguish between the Medici, which was at the forefront of the creation, rewarding once Monique Wittig, Michel Butor, Hélène Cixous, or Georges Perec, and which today turns to Emmanuelle Pireyre, Antoine Volodine, or Ivan Jablonka, award-winning Wednesday, 2 November, including the Laëtitia, or the End of men (Threshold) confirms the disappearance of the borders between fiction and non-fiction.

Khâgne and Science.

The next day, the Goncourt and the Renaudot tried a sort of ” refresh “, if not aesthetic, at least statistically. Exit the stereotype of the white male 45 years old, that depict the data collected over the past ten years on all price : Leïla Slimani, 35 years old, journalist franco-moroccan, passed through the khâgne and Sciences…


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