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Alain Delon, 80, Last Samurai French cinema – Le Figaro

ANNIVERSARY – The actor more than ever lonely, it is celebrated on November 8 by the media and the people who love it. In the image of Brigitte Bardot, another national icon, which sent him a letter in which she says: “I love you 80 times.”

Today it is 80 years old. But he has not the heart to celebrate. Alain Delon, the Mysanthrope The Last Samurai French cinema is celebrated everywhere this November 8th: a glowing documentary on television, nostalgic newspaper articles and message of his girlfriend, Brigitte Bardot, another national icon Alain Delon 80 years ago this Sunday, but the star, the popularity intact, does not have the heart to celebrate.

“Happy birthday, my Alain. I love you 80 times, “writes Brigitte Bardot in a letter to Alain Delon, transmitted AFP Sunday.

” You are the living symbol of the masterpiece produced in France this century we’ve been through together, “wrote” BB “, octogenarian also since last year, in this manuscript text.

It seems that we will never see Delon cinema. His last appearance was in 2008 Asterix at the Olympic Games , in which he played no less than Caesar. He wants no more. “But if Steven Spielberg and Roman Polanski called, says Sunday Parisien Anne Bourgeois who has staged in his last four plays, he would remake the film.”

“Living Legend”, “wild beauty”, “masculine ideal”, “subject of fantasies”: the evocation of the most famous french player in the world has resulted in recent weeks, an escalation of superlatives in the media.

But the person, he does not care about these tributes and could have done any celebration of his eightieth birthday.

“It is not a marriage either! “said this week at Le Figaro , the star who lives withdrawn today in his area of ​​La Brûlerie in Douchy (Loiret), alone with his dogs and away from the cameras.

It is in this huge property, enclosed by high walls, the actor now spends most of his time. There is a chapel and obtained approval for burial.

“I think it will definitely celebrate his birthday family,” said AFP, Mireille Darc, who shared Alain Delon life for fifteen years.

“I asked him if he wanted to organize something. He does not want anything, anything, anything, “she said.

The actress, became a very close friend actor, described as” one man “. “He does not complain. That is his choice. He wants to live like that now. That’s his problem. Solitude, calm and soothing, “she observes

Star International for nearly six decades -. It is particularly popular in Japan, Russia and Italy -, admired for his playing instinctive and unusual charisma, Delon left for the public a legendary actor, even though he ended his career there are more than fifteen years.

Led by the greatest filmmakers (Melville, Visconti, Losey, Antonioni …) interpretations Rocco and His Brothers , The Samurai or The Leopard have marked the minds of generations of moviegoers. Delon and thirties, tanned body and out dripping with The Pool in 1968, is still the face of a great perfume …

But the Star has dropped his last years with some French blame him her positions in favor of the ideas of the National Front, the death penalty or of homosexuality, which he described as “against nature” .

In a survey published in 2013, 55% of them said they did not love him, seeing in him a “megalomaniac”, “provocative” and “reactionary”.

Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot in the loves xe9 c & #; l & # XE8; bers, Michel Boisrond in 1961.

Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot in The famous love , Michel Boisrond in 1961 . Photo Credits:

“There is in him the dark side which also appears outside the cinema in statements often unwelcome and badly perceived,” told AFP the critic and film historian Jean-Michel Frodo.

“But these words reflect a self-destructive aspect of the character that is part of his aura as an actor,” he says.

“You are This two-headed eagle, yin (yin, ed) and yang, better or worse, makes you both inaccessible and so close, cold and hot, “says Brigitte Bardot in his letter to Delon, she was the partner to the screen twice … but never in life.


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