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Cohn-Bendit: “We do not quarrel with André Glucksmann, discusses” – Liberation

Reactions to the death of André Glucksmann, occurred on the night of Monday to Tuesday

Daniel Cohn-Bendit. “We met on May 68 and was no longer left “

” With Andrew, we met in 1968 and was no longer left. We always had a very deep relationship of friendship. Today, we should talk about the past, but I can not. Our links have been steady, without ever breaking. When I was banned from entering France, he came to see me in Germany. One day, the president Valery Giscard d’Estaing invited to the Elysee “new philosophers” it was. In an open letter published in the World André says “No, no I would avoid lunch with you as long as you have not lifted the ban Dany living.” BHL himself, went there to plead my cause. Giscard intervened to lift the ban.

“With Andrew, we have not always agreed. But we have always found the anti-totalitarianism, we all defended the boat people. On Bosnia as it was exactly the same positions.

“What is fascinating about Andrew, even if it is conclusive is that the radicality of his thought allows him to overcome, see to modify its positions. When he broke with Maoism, and enrolled in the course of the “new philosophers”, I who was libertarian, I said welcome to the club. In 2007, he supported Sarkozy. But when it talking nonsense on May 1968, Andre wrote a book denouncing this nonsense. When Sarkozy says nonsense on Roma, André published a text to defend them. When Sarkozy sells frigates to Putin, he publicly condemns.

“There are in our media society something deeply regrettable. In September 2014, André published a book called Voltaire against attack, a prescient book six months before the attacks of Charlie It does interested person. He was already very sick, and he could not discuss the TV shows …

“Andre is be nice and soft. We do not quarrel with him. We discuss. His death I expected, he was very weak, he was sick, it was hard. But when I learned last night, it was a shock. I told my wife: “Here we can no longer discuss a missing link in the chain of the debate..” This link, it will never be there. And it makes me deeply sad.

“André died on November 9. You know what it is that November 9? It is 77 years after Kristallnacht in Germany and the first pogroms against the Jews, that is 26 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He died a symbolic day that reframes her life and thought. “

Interview by Nathalie Raulin

Romain Goupil: “An intellectual capable of thinking against itself”

“André Glucksmann was a scholar, a philosopher, an intellectual … But especially a thinker capable of thinking against itself, willing to take risks, to make mistakes, not always be right and say it.

“In the 70s, he as we were much to believe in days best. This was the time when one should not despair Billancourt, where he had to be silent to an ultimate goal. But he questioned everything denouncing a huge deception that is paid in human suffering. It must be remembered that this caused an incredible fracture.

“It has continued to struggle against the totalitarian state and to bring the duty of humanity, with the boat people, Sarajevo … He was able to mobilize a lot of people fighting for it felt should be taken. We were sometimes alone, as in Iraq. And he was alone in supporting Sarko. But again, he was able to listen and reconsider this support to defend the Roma.

“Today, when intellectuals are presented as representatives of France rancid and inward itself, when we fight against the indignity that is the “jungle” of Calais, this universal voice, which was that of Andrew, we lack. “

Sarkozy sees turn” a page of French thought “

The former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to a superlative Andre Glucksmann, one whose friendship the “honored”. From the “philosopher” sixty-eighter, it evokes “the Maoist commitment to early 60s,” and “denunciation of totalitarian Marxism as a theory” . According to him, it would have thus demonstrated “that ideology could not always stifle thought and philosophy could not be used as collateral to inhuman political systems” . Sarkozy celebrates the “intellectual clarity” of an intellectual who would “never ceased to denounce these thinkers willing to endorse worse” .

This “friendship” between Sarkozy and Glucksmann was in February 2007, when the author of thinkers Masters chosen to support the president of the UMP against the Socialist Segolene Royal in presidential election. André Glucksmann then based its decision on international issues, including Chechnya. With its anti-Putin statements, Sarkozy was operating in his eyes a “break” beneficial with Jacques Chirac, who said his friendship with his Russian counterpart. The expression “new philosopher” had become disillusioned by 2009, when the former head of state ate his hat zen sign up in Moscow the contract of sale of ship Mistral type of French war. He explained his disappointment at Libération in 2012.

Alain Auffray

Holland: “He could not resign himself to the inevitability of wars and massacres “

In a statement, the Elysee said André Glucksmann ” carried with it all the dramas of the XX th century. ”

“Sons of refugees in the 30s, he had known the fate of Jewish children hidden during World War II. Former assistant to Raymond Aron at the Sorbonne, André Glucksmann has all his life put his intellectual training at the service of a public commitment to freedom.

“He became in the 70s one of the great figures of the anti-totalitarian struggle capable of bringing together Jean-Paul Sartre and Aron at the Elysée to defend the responsibility of France haven against the boat people drama Far East.

” Penetrated by the tragic history as much as by his intellectual duty, he is not resigned to the inevitability of wars and massacres. He was always alert and attentive to the suffering of the people. Freedom of Ukraine was one of his last fights “

Nathalie Raulin


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