Sunday, November 1, 2015

Patrick Bruel tribute to Barbara in her new album “Very often I think of you” – MetroNews

Patrick Fans Bruel , rejoice: the new album the singer released in stores in a few weeks But be careful. it is not a disc like the others, since ‘ it will be composed exclusively of times For this new project, the star has decided to pay tribute to the singer who has always fascinated. Barbara.

true icon of French music, Barbara was known for his powerful and profound texts, as much as for his voice. We owe him songs like “Say, when are you coming back? or still “Black Eagle”. Securities which will also be present on the disc Patrick Bruel , which will resume more great standards.

An album recorded in secret

This is not the first time that Patrick Bruel provides a cover album: In 2002, his album” Between “was composed of songs of the 30s and 40s, giving a second youth with titles like” The lovers of St. John. “ The album had elapsed nearly 2 million copies

But this new project is a real surprise. The singer wanted to dedicate an album to Barbara for a long time, and recorded in sly . No information had filtered through his preparation! Three years after “ Which Us,” released in 2012, Patrick Bruel abandoned cinema to re-allocate to the song. The album “Very often I think of you “will be available as of November 27

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