Sunday, June 12, 2016

25 watercolors of Manara, representing Bardot, sold 592,702 euros – Le Figaro

AUCTION – The Parisian house Millon put on sale Sunday, June 12 twenty works by the Italian master of erotic comics. The paintings were auctioned for nearly 600,000 euros.

Prices have climbed rapidly. The auction of twenty-five watercolors of Italian Milo Manara, representing Brigitte Bardot in her youth, has reached 592,702 euros. Among the 25 paintings, the one who sold the most expensive (35,100 euros) represents the actress nude in profile, sitting with knees drawn to his cheek, said Millon Paris sale of the house. For this sale made duplex in Brussels and Paris, bidding started at 15,000 euros.

The last time the French actress, now 81 years old, has allowed an artist to represent dates back to 1968, when Aslan sculptor had created in his image a bust of Marianne, figure of the French Republic that adorns many town halls and official sites.

for 70 years, the master of the erotic comic strip, which was a huge success in the 1980s with the click or An Indian summer , chewed his light brush unforgettable lines and sensual curves of heroin and God created woman … .

Bardot kneeling on the beach, accompanied by a black panther or a leopard … poses vary, but the most famous mouth of the cinema of the 50s and 60s usually remains sulky. As for the clothes, they are lighter. The 25 watercolors were signed on the back by former actress, who also built into each drawing the symbol that it is the staff, “daisy seven petals that means I love you discreetly to those who receive it. .. “.

This is the Parisian auction house Millon, assisted by experts in Brussels BD Alain and Marc Huberty Breyne, who established contact between the former movie star and Manara, their proposing to create an original series. “Reproducing his face is very difficult because there are subtle expressions, between irony, mystery, seduction and provocation”, said the Italian artist in an interview conducted in May by AFP. “He did live drawings. One feels the wind … It says a rebellion, sensuality, fun, “had commented Brigitte Bardot, which ended in 1973 in his career to devote himself to the defense of animals.

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