Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jack Lang: “The Feast of the music is in more than 100 countries!” – West France

Why do you celebrate celebrates music in Beirut?

Beirut was the first Arab city to bet on the music Festival, 15 years ago. I wanted to express my gratitude to the Lebanese have designed a brilliant and popular event. I also wanted to send a friendly hello to the people who suffered for so long adversity, which is threatened by Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and Daech. Despite all this, Lebanon is holding and organizing this gathering. This is the best answer to fanatics and murderers.

Lebanon is the country that proportionately receives the most refugees.

Yes with Jordan. Have stayed in Lebanon two months ago for a concert in Zahle refugee camp. The Lebanese are exemplary. This country, which has few inhabitants, hosts one million refugees generously. It is as if France welcomed 30 million in! In France, where we sometimes balks, we should salute the courage of Lebanon.

What concerts are you going to attend today?

yesterday, I again visited Zahle camp for a concert of french electro rock band Baden Baden. They occur tonight to Roman baths. There will be concerts in fifty places, reggae, Jaz, rock, traditional Lebanese music. I’ll let myself sucked the advice of friends.

When the Music Festival has it become international?

The third year. When I saw that it worked well in France, I said we will cross borders. We started our peaceful conquest by Europe. Germany with Berlin, Hamburg. Italy with Rome. Each year the Festival plant his flag in a new country, a new city. It is present in a hundred countries, Latin America, Africa, North Africa, and even in the Emirates. And the others will come there one day.

Are there any brakes in certain countries?

Sure, it’s more easy in democracies than in dictatorships … in China, we have won in Shanghai in 2010, the year of the World expo. And China, it was not won, play in the street is not really in the tradition now. We then school in Beijing, Guangzhou … In the US, the festival was initiated in 2007 by a great man, Aaron Friedman, who began by creating an event in Central Park, New York, despite the mayor’s opposition Michael Bloomberg. Play like that in the streets or squares, it does not hurt too, but the success of the festival led him to support the event. Since it is called Make Music, is held up in the suburbs of New York. The party is also based in Los Angeles, Boston, Texas … In the United States, they put such recording studios available to amateur musicians.

Abroad , giving the party a pulse?

We rely heavily on French institutes, French alliances. They spread the idea, give the urge, suggest tracks. It’s impressive to see a small idea born almost by accident on the banks of the Seine, has been preserved, with this spirit of free, mixing professionals and amateurs. All these countries have kept the original spirit.

And in France, you find that it has kept the original spirit?

Yes, especially in small towns and villages.

Flutes and drums.
Flutes and percussion. | ITTE Richard

In large cities, you do not find that too many stars to? podiums

of course, this is not my cup of tea, but we will not whine. If celebrities lend their fame to the party, why not? But I prefer the amateurs or pros who have an original idea.

 the music festival began with France
The music festival began with France | DR

You, what music do you prefer?

I have very eclectic tastes, ranging from Bach Beatles through Stromae, jazz, African music. I initiated the celebration of music for all music, so that they express all without interfering with each other.

You are president of the Institute of the Arab World . It’s not too complicated now?

No, our mission is to understand the Arab world, it is not the violence of Daech and crimes of Bashar al-Assad. Tunisia has built a democracy. Morocco, Algeria there is great creativity. My role is to highlight all these past and present wealth, reduce stereotypes and prejudices. At the moment, we are preparing a big event dedicated to Eastern Christians. It will take place in autumn 2017. E I can tell you that our major exhibition on the pilgrimage to Mecca, Muslims are proud that we speak of Christians of the East.


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