Saturday, June 18, 2016

The diary of 30 years ago: the death of Coluche – Europe1

The announcement sounded like a thunderclap: Coluche was killed in a tragic and banal motorbike accident, shortly before his 42 years.

Coluche real name Michel Colucci died in an accident on a county, between Cannes and Opio, around 16:30. He was returning home on a motorcycle with two friends. According to initial findings, Coluche died instantly. The truck driver interviewed just after the accident says Coluche would not have braked. He would have 42 years from the announcement of his sudden death, the standard of Europe 1 has received hundreds of calls, mostly anonymous, but also close to the artist, as Miou-Miou or celebrities like Thierry Le Luron. Tributes anonymous speak skits and movies, but a very strong memory keeps coming: the announcement of his candidacy for the presidential in March 1981, which had destabilized the political class. The latest creation of Coluche has been the association “Eating of the heart” in early 1986, more than 8 million meals distributed in a few months. Part of the donations had even been redistributed to Abbé Pierre, touched by such a gesture, borrowing a humility that is too rarely associated with the image of troublemaker.


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