Sunday, June 12, 2016

Murder of Christina Grimmie, the shooter was identified – Le Figaro

The former candidate of the show The Voice was shot Friday while she was signing autographs at the end of a concert. Police revealed on June 12 the killer’s identity.

The day after the murder of a former candidate of the show The Voice , Christina Grimmie, the motive of the gunman who shot the young American singer was still unclear Saturday. The artist of 22 years had just finished his concert with the group in Before You Exit Plaza Live Orlando, Florida, and signing autographs when a young man of 27, who was carrying two handguns and a knife, shot her before committing suicide on Friday night with a bullet to the head.

the suspect is called Kevin James Loibl and he was from the city of St. Petersburg in the State Florida, in the southern United States, said the Orlando police. The gunman, who also had in his possession two chargers, opened fire on the singer he was aiming directly, the source said.

“The suspect in this case is not Orlando . He traveled to Orlando, apparently to commit the crime, and then planned to go home, “said John Saturday Mina, head of the local police. Investigators “sift through the mobile phone and the computer of the suspect to see if they can find a mobile in this crime,” he added at a press conference.

no metal detectors

between 60 and 100 spectators attended the concert Friday night, and a handful of them were still present for an autograph session at the time of the tragedy. The brother of the singer, described as “heroes” by the police, rushed to the shooter, had told the authorities in the night. He had thus prevented the shooter “to hurt someone else,” stressed the police spokesman. The singer was immediately transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center, but died of his injuries.

How a man carrying a small arsenal of him was not arrested at the entrance of the room, where vigils yet were conducting security checks? “There are no metal detectors. People are not palpated. They open their bags and checked that there are no weapons in the bags, “conceded John Mina. The public who attended the concert Christina Grimmie was essentially “young children,” he said. “This is the kind of crowd you think she carries weapons in this kind of room.”

Born in New Jersey (northeast), Christina Grimmie had acquired notoriety starting in 2009 posting covers of tubes on YouTube. His chain currently has over 3.1 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed almost 380 million times. Christina Grimmie, who had participated in the 6th edition in 2014 of the famous show The Voice on NBC, had released his first album Find Me in 2011.

many tributes on social networks

“We have a broken heart,” responded Saturday on NBC’s Twitter account the Voice . “There are no words. We have lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice. ” The singer Adam Levine, board member of the music program and who chose Christina Grimmie on his team, said he was “sad, shocked and confused,” on his Instagram account where he posted a photo with the singer.

on social networks, many fans Saturday shared videos of the artist’s performance, especially its resumption of Miley Cyrus tube Wrecking Ball which caused a sensation when it passing in the Voice .

the stepfather of singer Selena Gomez, Brian Teefey, who was the manager of Christina Grimmie, opened an online jackpot to raise funds to help the family of the singer. “I have no words to describe the pain I feel,” he has told People magazine. “Christina was like a second daughter to me. All I wanted was to help him realize his musical dreams, “he said.

His murder adds to the long list of violence by firearms are almost daily in the United States. Since the beginning of the year, there have already been more than 5,800 deaths by firearms in the country and more than 23,000 incidents involving firearms after the site


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