Friday, June 24, 2016

JK Rowling, Lilly Allen … The English react to Brexit – Le Figaro

REVIEW TWEETS – Consternation, fear and hope … The results of the referendum favorable to an output of the UK outside Europe have sparked a wave of reactions on the canvas. In English-speaking land, the emotion is palpable.

This is an unprecedented aggiornamento for the UK and its people. While there a few hours, Shakespeare country was setting (almost) confident about the purpose of the referendum on its exit out of Europe this morning there is nothing. The English awoke with a hangover.

At the announcement of the results that gave winner to 51% pro-Brexit, many cultural personalities have emerged on social networks to share their emotion. Those over 95% requiring their retention in the European Union, are now well alarmist or pessimistic about the future of their country.

Like Daniel Radcliffe who have explained very afraid of the consequences of the Brexit Vulture magazine yesterday, recalling the newspaper that the differences should be our asset, not a point of contention, the music stars and Anglophone culture have taken place.

JK Rowling, dejected, said goodbye to the UK before denouncing the poisoned legacy has left behind the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. “Scotland will now seek independence. The legacy of David Cameron will break two unions. Neither of these events would have to happen one day. “

Very rise against his compatriots who voted in favor of the release of their countries outside Europe, JK Rowling also expressed “proud” to belong to “indecent minority” who chose to remain with the Union. The writer has “never much wanted that magic exists in this world.”

The English singer Lily Allen for his part demonstrated laconic. Forbidden to the result of Brexit, it tweeted a short message explaining that “Generation Y was now really, really in the m ***”.

Equally stunned actor Harry Potter James Phelps posted a brief “Wow.”

Meanwhile, the American actress Lindsay Lohan has posted a series of tweets urging the British to remain in the European Union. Messages arrived too late at the polls.

Cher, for its part, in favor of Brexit was pleased with the outcome, adding that this output of the Union was the best thing that could arrive in the UK.


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