Saturday, June 25, 2016

Michael Jackson returns! , Begging his fans, seven years after his death – Le Figaro

REVIEW TWEETS – The King of Pop died on 25 June 2009. Seven years later, on this anniversary, they hoped that thousands could still come back or how wrong they lack.

“Michael Jackson returns please!” The cry is unanimous. On Twitter, he translates the word-pound #MichaelJacksonComeBackPlz. A trend in June 25 on the social network. A very special date in the hearts of fans of the King of Pop. There are seven, their icon disappeared, carried away by a cardiac arrest at the age of 50 years. Leaving behind the world of culture tearful.

Seven years later, some still hope that the interpreter of Thriller could return, convinced that a conspiracy surrounding his death. Especially as Paris Jackson, daughter, has changed today its banner picture on Twitter, where she is seen kissing her father when she was still a little girl to her death. Easy installation … which packs the machine. Others lend only to believe, to dream even better with him

The tributes are multiplying in all cases on Twitter:. Everyone has his or her favorite song picture. The skeptics have fun making some jokes. What excited the most ardent defenders of the star, who beg to be left “MJ” quiet when others are upset that so many people think that Michael Jackson is still alive.

A beautiful soap opera summary in a tweet.

As much hype that can obscure a bit of pedophilia accusations against the star, brought to the surface in recent days. As suggested by a surfer, birthday or not, this is not really the best time to go …


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