Saturday, June 18, 2016

Coluche: the story of a guy in 30 photos – Gala

Sunday, June 19 will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the disappearance of Coluche. If the memory of the founder of heart Eating is still present in French, here is a slideshow of 30 photos in its memory.

in 2016, Michel Colucci would have been 71 years. Fate has yet decided otherwise. June 19, 1986, he blocks the road to the comedian and his motorcycle with a single truck. “A fucking truck,” says Renaud tribute in his song written in memory of his friend. Buried in the cemetery of Montrouge, accompanied in his last home by friends and Abbé Pierre, Coluche arrives yet to laugh generations of young French came into the world long after his death. Just today two clicks online to get back on the best sketch comedian with glasses and overalls. Belgian cop passing by the unemployed and poverty, Coluche was his favorite themes. It is also one of them who has definitely become a legend.

For despite a career based on laughter, Coluche is well aware of the social realities of the country which it operates. Poverty affects many French and he is already trying to educate the public about it through his sketches, comedian account go even further. In 1985, he thus creates the heart of Eating. State-approved, the association helps the poorest people of France. To mount the project, Coluche is surrounded by elders of the food industry and young students from business school. The result is clear. More than two decades later, when Coluche has left us long ago, the association distributes even today nearly 128.5 million annual food (more than a billion and its creation in believe the association) . Or how a simple humorist, son of an immigrant painter building, managed to change the French social landscape more profoundly than many politicians gathered

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