Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nabilla soon star in a series of … France 2 and a film about his life? – Pure People

nabilla benattia will soon be returning to our screens and not where his audience was waiting. Indeed, this is not a new issue of reality TV as the companion of Thomas Vergara captivate viewers, but … in a series.

The pretty brunette who has never hidden his desire to become an actress, soon realize his dream thanks to the director Yamina Benguigui. That’s what she told exclusively to Paris Match I’ll turn in September in the series Aisha , broadcast on France 2 J ‘! incarnate a new character, but I can not say more because Yamina Benguigui has not finished writing the script. “an opportunity that makes” really happy . ”

however, the question for the former star of Angels to make his return to television as a columnist. It ensures that it is no longer interested and has the impression of having already made several broadcasts “ as [she] spent all the strings of the TV .” No more than writing a new book after the publication of his autobiography too quickly (Editions Robert Laffont): “ Today, I want something else and that’s play comedy, for the pleasure of not being me for a few hours.

and the great friend of Amelia Neten is ambitious because it has not hidden his desire to have a career … to Marion Cotillard, no less: “ I have had the honor to meet again It’s an exceptional actress in La Vie it is overwhelming, intense. never, have I felt that before a movie. “pending the achievement (or not?) its goal nabilla benattia thought about the possibility of preparing a film on his life. What inspired it? Kamini. “ I thought seeing the film Kamini, Welcome to Marly-Gomont , in five-six years, for my 30 years, I would make a film about my life . He would speak of my Muslim father, my mother French, media and love … “ A project for which it could call on her friend Lisa Azuelos.

When passing the director of Hey good and LOL Nabilla did not hesitate to make him a new call of the foot: “ I hope work with you one day. It’s true we have already done a lot of tests and my desire is as great as yours. I hope one day it will become a reality. “ a desire shared by Lisa Azuelos!


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